Top 5 Countries to Visit in 2019

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 27 September, 2019


Malta tops the list of countries to visit in 2019. The city-state has an illustrious history as Mediterranean archipelago popular with seafarers since antiquity. A visit to the country's historical sites feels like a walk through world history with prehistoric temples and medieval fortifications that fill the coast. But make no mistake Malta is not just another Mediterranean nation living off its past glory. The city features magnificent works of medieval and modern architecture including temples and edifices at the ancient capital Mdina. The architecture and historic sites are so idyllic that some of the most exotic scenes in the Game of Thrones were shot on the Island.

Malta is also blessed with ample sunshine and unique sea experiences. In fact, one of the best ways to experience the islands is through a yacht charter that will reward you with a unique and memorable experience for a lifetime.


Germany, is an industrial powerhouse and produced some of the most iconic works of automobile engineering such as the Benz. However, Germany is not all about industry as it has made major contributions to the world of art. The Bauhaus is synonymous with German art and was the cradle of art Nouveau, which was one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century. The Bauhaus closed in 1933 under Nazi pressure, but the art inspired by this movement such as The Balloon by Paul Klee and Yellow-Red-Blue by Wassily Kandinsky are available in museums and exhibitions around the country. A visit to Germany is not complete without sampling beer at the Oktoberfest. This Bavarian tradition starts on 21 September with the festivities and merrymaking going on till 6 October 2019.

If you plan to stay in Germany for a longer period, ensure that you check the requirements regarding Health Insurance Germany, as this is mandatory by law.


Westerners may be forgiven for dismissing Zimbabwe as another desolate failed state, but the country has a lot to offer travellers. For a start, it is one of the safest African destinations with minimal risk of terrorism, violence, or theft, making it one of the best countries to visit on the continent. The southern African country boasts of friendly natives, national parks full of wildlife including the Big Five, and archaeological sites that feature on the World Heritage list. Of course, a trip to Zimbabwe is not complete without a visit to the magnificent Victoria Falls. Visitors could do with some positivity and optimism and where else can one that other than a country that is in the throes of euphoria after replacing the repressive Mugabe regime?


For those who cherish cultural and regional diversity, there is no better place to get that than Indonesia. The country boasts of over 17, 000 islands spread across the archipelago, each with a unique language, culture, religion and cuisine. Wildlife lovers can book eco-resorts to experience intimate encounters with orangutans in Sumatra and gigantic lizards otherwise known as Dragons in the Komodo islands. The country has invested heavily in the tourism sectors with new infrastructure connecting travellers to different tourist destinations.


This eastern European country has quietly positioned itself as a popular destination for visitors who wish to travel and party while at it. Minsk is a tourist hub popular for nightlife that erupts into street parties in the summer. The city has a reputation for hosting global events such as the 2019 European Games held earlier this year. Visitors should also look out for vestiges of the Soviet era such as the Brest Hero Fortress and The Stalin Line. Nature lovers can watch bison at the Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park, which is a wildlife refuge and an Unesco World Heritage Site.

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