Top things Expats Wish They Knew Before Moving

Contributed by InstaReM, 05 April, 2019

Living abroad is an exciting opportunity, so it is not surprising that so many people across the world are choosing to move abroad and start a new adventure as an expat.  

According to the Finaccord's Global Expatriates Market Report there are currently 66.2 million expats worldwide and as this number rises more and more expats are left wishing they had more knowledge around expat life before making the move.  

InstaReM, a cross-border payments company, has gathered secondary research to create an infographic for expats. The guide aims to create a clear understanding of expat life including what current expats living abroad have to say about relocating.

The informative guide also identifies the most to least favourite countries to move to, the cities that pay the most, the ten types of expats, the woes of an expat & the top things they wish they knew before moving.

InstaReM has collated the data to make the move abroad as simple as possible for people wanting to experience expat life.  Please find this below;




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