Travel Essentials for Newbie Digital Nomads

Contributed by Expatriate Healthcare, 19 August, 2020

That's it. You've handed in your notice. You've booked a one-way flight. Now is the countdown until your new life begins living and working overseas. For many people, countries such as Bali, Thailand and Australia are the destination due to having a large freelance working culture, with large co-working spaces and countless startups seeking talent.

Wherever you're heading to this list of travel essentials will help you settle into digital nomadic life seamlessly.

Laptop protection

Whether you have a standalone laptop case or an inbuilt section in a backpack, keeping your laptop safe is imperative when travelling abroad. As a digital nomad it is likely that your laptop is your lifeline for not only generating income and working, but for contacting family and friends back home too. Make sure whatever solution you land upon can be safely used or stored in your carry-on luggage as opposed to hold luggage so that you can ensure your laptop is safe at all times.

Work set-up

However you work most efficiently, make sure all your equipment heads abroad with you. There is nothing worse than settling down to a task and not having your laptop stand or trackpad - productivity can take a serious hit which could impact your income. Ensure you find space in your luggage for the extra monitor or wireless keyboard, you'll thank yourself in the long run.

One-way travel insurance

Did you know that there is travel insurance available perfectly designed for travellers and expats? As you're moving overseas and don't have a return ticket, traditional travel insurance wouldn't benefit you. However, one-way travel insurance would! This form of insurance protects you from your departure country to your destination. Once you land you will then have a certain amount of time to decide what insurance policies you want to invest in whilst living in your new country.

Portable battery pack

No plug spots left in the cafe? Too far from a shared workspace? Portable battery packs can be a life saver for digital nomads with dwindling laptop or smartphone batteries. They come in a variety of different sizes (meaning more charge for your device) and can be easily charged via the USB port on the pack. You just need to make sure you don't forget to charge the portable battery after use!

Business setup

Before you jet off make sure you're armed with an up to date website show casing your services, a fully functioning email address and some business cards. Despite being a digital nomad, having all your details on a physical business card can be helpful, especially when it feels a bit awkward to get somebody to follow your business Instagram account right in front of you.

Whilst overseas your website is essentially your CV and a menu of everything you have to offer. With this, you want to be easily contactable, so make sure your email address and social handles are present and clear on the site.


Whilst an external hard drive is helpful when wanting to take the strain off your laptop's storage, if you lose it, what then? Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services available and also allows users to access files from their smartphone too. You can backup all your files, ping them across all your devices and also protect and recover your data too.

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