Types of Expat in Thailand

Contributed by Anna Martyushev, 01 April, 2020

Thailand is renowned for its white sandy beaches and green rainforests. 39 million international tourists visited the country in 2019, according to Bangkok Post. Also, its thrilling lifestyle and diverse landscape attract many expatriates from different nations. Betway88 is one of the popular bookmakers in the country. Read on to learn five types of expats you can find in Thailand.

1. Retirees

In the past, many people relocated to Thailand and lived off their pension. They often shopped in Bangkok or strong along Phuket beaches. The country's carefree life attracts men with lavish lifestyles. But, a lot has changed in Thailand over the years. The economy has grown tremendously and a few foreign currencies have deflated.

The cost of living in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket has risen thus reducing the number of retirees living there. Thus, it is important to research different towns that have an affordable cost of living for retirees.

2. The Fresh Starter

Some people are usually unable to settle in their home countries. They relocated to foreign countries such as Thailand to start their careers. The Asian nation attracts many apportunists who like travel brochures and visiting sunny beaches. As a result, some fresh starters apply for jobs in local and international firms. They play Betway88 casino games for fun during leisure time.

3. Entrepreneurs

Thailand has many big international firms that offer many employment opportunities for professional expats. They offer huge remuneration packages. Some entrepreneurs employ single and married employees. Some of them can afford to rent luxury homes and hire drivers.

4. English Teachers

Thailand has a high demand for English teachers. There are four categories of teachers including career educators, backpackers, married women, and retirees. Normally, backpackers look for teaching vacancies in Thai schools to save money for their flight back home. Some women who are married to professional expats who work in international companies teach to keep themselves busy while career educators do it for passion. Furthermore, the country has many Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses.

5. Digital Nomads

Of late, the number of people who work online in Thailand has been on the rise. They often move to places that have a strong internet connection to gamble, file news reports, sell property or trade stocks. Digital nomads who run their businesses online can work in a mountain or along a beach. Until recently, it wasn't easy for them to get valid visas. But, the Thai Immigration system introduced Smart Visa to encourage more people to work at home.

Thailand has a vibrant nightlife and beautiful temples. It is an ideal holiday destination for adventurers. Thailand citizens are kind and generous. Many citizens wager on different sports events at Betway88. Some experts relocate to the Asian nation due to its many job opportunities. You can find English teachers, retirees, wife hunters, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and sexpats. Most of them are from Australia, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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