UK Citizens Want a Second Passport - and they'll pay for it

Contributed by CS Global Partners, 30 June, 2017

A recent survey conducted by CS Global Partners has found that 89 percent of UK citizens would like to have a second citizenship, with 81 percent willing to invest or donate 5 percent of their annual salary in exchange for the opportunity.

Having carried out the survey ahead of the first anniversary of the Brexit decision, CS Global Partners has found that, while many UK citizens had not previously researched second citizenship programmes, 58 percent were motivated to conduct a search in the aftermath of the Brexit announcement in June 2016.

As an international advisory firm specialising in citizenship and residence solutions, CS Global Partners, through CEO Micha-Rose Emmett, provided the following comment on the findings:

"The results indicate that people are looking now more than ever for certainty and security amid a landscape of economic and political change. More than four out of five people are willing to put their hard-earned wages behind the prospect of an enhanced international lifestyle, proof that dual citizenship is becoming increasingly popular."

The survey revealed 15 percent of participants were willing to donate half their annual salary for the benefits that are open to those with dual nationality.

Australia was selected as the number one nation of choice for a second citizenship, with the USA coming in a close second, Canada third, and Germany fourth.

Participants were most influenced in their decisions by the lifestyle these countries afford, with 59.34 percent stating this was the case. 7 percent said the country was influenced by the business opportunities available, while 5 percent said education prospects for their children and 13 percent said that safety was an influencing factor.

When asked what their passport meant to them, 76 percent of participants said it meant freedom: the ability to travel and explore the world.

Many UK citizens are unaware of the ranking that their passport holds, with just 11 percent of people stating that they know the countries they can travel to on their passport. 31 percent said they always check if they need a visa, with 31 percent admitting they only do so if they are heading to an exotic location.

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