Using Video to Stay in Touch and Stay in the Loop

Laura Harrison, 25 September, 2014

It's impossible to predict exactly what you will miss most from back home, and in reality the specifics of your homesickness will probably surprise you.

Although the good news is: as technology advances, it can help you combat your homesickness more and more each day, and help you feel more involved in the goings on back at home. Technology and the like can also help you stay in touch with your loved ones at home in the most cheap and easy ways possible.

Most people have heard of Skype, and while you may have had little need to creating account when you were still based in the UK, now is the perfect time to get involved in the multi-platform program, which has an astounding 65 million daily users. The program is quick and easy to install and set up, and it is also completely free of charge to make video and voice calls. Knowing this, it goes without say that Skype can be invaluable when you want to touch base with friends and family back at home. It hasn't become a household name for nothing, after all. At just the touch of a button you can make a call and get through to any other skype user on the other end. You can use the program at home or on the go, which is great if you have a smartphone and want to have a quick chat before work or whatnot.

Apps and programs similar to skype can help you feel in the loop, as you won't have to worry about international phone charges, you'll be more inclined to have more frequent chats like you would back at home. As skype has the invaluable video option, you can get a little glimpse of what is going on, which can give you that little fix you need from home. Skype is also a great way for you to show everyone at home your new life and show them the new adventure you have embarked on.

Recorded mediums video is also an option for you to have your daily or weekly dose of life back at home. This is the opportunity for you to watch the things you could at home, such as TV shows which are available online. What is more, thanks to the sheer growth of social media, you can share videos in the blink of an eye. You can send and receive short video clips directly to your phone, to share the aspects of your new life with whoever you like, or get a little taste of life at home. This means you can easily share the moments you cherish to anyone you like, and vice versa, which means you can re-watch the funny moments you may be missing out on. Also, if you feel that you are missing a certain place from home; you’d be surprised at how many videos local video production companies upload to online platforms. For example, Lambda, a video production company in Norwich, film and produce short videos covering different types of events all over the county, which could prove to be rather comforting if Norfolk is the home that you are missing.

In short, video can provide you with that little pick me up if you are feeling a twinge of homesickness. Obviously it’s not exactly same as being somewhere in the flesh but it's a convenient alternative, which you can enjoy at your own convenience. 

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