Visa changes "could see a flurry of new businesses popping up in NSW", expert says

Contributed by True Blue Migration , 29 January, 2016

Changes made to Australian visa nomination requirements on January 1st 2016 could see an influx of new businesses emerging across New South Wales, an expert has suggested.

Joy Hay, Director at Australian migration specialists True Blue, thinks that by removing a stipulation that previously prohibited business migrants from setting up enterprises within certain industry sectors, the Department of Industry has made it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to get their ventures off the ground.

She also noted that the removal of this criteria - which was officially announced in December 2015 - would benefit the entire state, and not just Sydney.

"The business climate in wider New South Wales is much less competitive than in Sydney and provides hopeful immigrants a fresh opportunity. It has always been an attractive place for those moving to Australia, yet laws have since restricted their business aspirations," Joy remarked.

"These new changes could see a flurry of new businesses popping up in the area and lead to more job prospects for the locals."

5.2% of the population of New South Wales was registered as unemployed in December 2015, according to statistics published by the LMIP, so the promise of new jobs will obviously come as a welcome boon.

Joy reiterated the point that the new legislation will not only help to make New South Wales an even more attractive proposition for migrant entrepreneurs who live overseas, but also to foreign businesspeople who already reside in other parts of Australia. She believes that those who act quickly and make their move now could reap the rewards in the long run.

"If you go for it now and beat the rush, you could give your business a huge advantage," she continued.

"Thousands of people move to Australia every year, but New South Wales is still a little known area of Australia, when compared to the major migrant destinations. There's never been a better time for you to make your business dreams a reality."


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