Why Hiring an Immigration Expert for Your Visa Application is Important

Contributed by First Migration, 15 October, 2018

The vast majority of expats will require a visa at some point in order to emigrate to, or stay within, their country of choice for a prolonged period of time.

The complexity and costs involved will vary depending on several factors, such as the country emigrating to, the applicant 's home country, and the type of visa required. No matter what a person 's situation is, applying for a visa can be a stressful and long-winded process, often involving lengthy, complex application procedures. Hiring an immigration expert to oversee the process can help relieve some of the stress involved.

We discuss why seeking expert advice is so important, particularly for more complicated, permanent visas.

Expert knowledge

Whether you are applying under a family visa, student visa, work visa or permanent residency, there are several categories available to cover most types of applicant. However, determining which visa classification is necessary based on your specific circumstances can prove complicated. It is, nonetheless, a vital first step in successfully obtaining a visa.

An immigration expert is knowledgeable on all visa types and will be able to discuss your personal situation with you, determining exactly which category you need to apply under and the specific procedures necessary to do so.

Avoid costly errors

Making just one small error during the visa application process can end up costing you a fortune and can also delay the process by several months, which is certainly not ideal when you are excited about moving abroad and have already started making plans for your arrival.

Moreover, some countries are notoriously strict on such inaccuracies, and often end up rejecting applications altogether. This means you could be forced to start the process again and may lose your whole application fee, which can sometimes be in the thousands. With the costs of obtaining a visa steadily increasing in many countries, this is simply not an area you can afford to take risks over.

Immigration experts regularly help all types of applicant fill out visa documents, meaning they know exactly what to look for, and are meticulously careful in ensuring they get everything right the first time around.

They can, therefore, help guide you through the application process, ensuring that all aspects of the documents are filled out properly.

Provide professional support

The process of obtaining a visa can be stressful, exceedingly detailed and with a significant number of technicalities. This can prove tough for any applicant, but particularly so for someone who may not be fluent in the native language.

As such, if an applicant does not feel comfortable speaking with a Government official, an immigration consultant is able to support them, speaking to people on their behalf and standing up for their rights if any problems were to occur.

If an applicant 's personal circumstances or the visa requirements were to change during the process, the consultant is there to keep them well-informed and up-to-date of any significant modifications that might affect their application.

At the end of the day, immigration advisors want to achieve as many successful visa applications for their clients as possible, which means they are on your side and are there to help you at every step of the way.

Help through the appeals process

Visa applications for expats are, unfortunately, refused from time-to-time; in which case, people may choose to go through an official appeals process.

Having to appeal an official visa rejection can be a traumatic, daunting experience, and should be handled with great care. An immigration expert will be able to help people through their appeal, ensuring the case is overseen correctly and the client is supported throughout.

Working with an immigration expert can improve the chances of being approved for a visa, since these professionals understand the ins and outs of the process and are on-hand to guide their clients towards success.

Author Bio: First Migration is an immigration consultant in the UK, with over 10 years' experience in helping all types of people gain visa approval.

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