Why Investors Should Invest in Education

Contributed by Robert Everett, 11 July, 2019

It takes a village to make a significant change in the world. Knowing this, we are hearing of tremendous investment that serve as moving force in improving different things in the world. But, despite the widespread knowledge of devastating educational conditions in many places around the globe, investments in education are still extremely limited. This is odd, especially since businesses and wealthy figures constantly make their investments in other spheres in life.

This is definitely a misunderstanding, an understatement of how great an investment education is. Education is the best investment a person can make. If you're interested in learning why, keep reading this article.

Investing in Education is Good for Business Investing in education is very important for business, since the private sector seriously benefits from a more educated workforce. We all want it to happen and still, the number of investments is seriously low.

So, if you're a business owner or investor wondering: 'is education a good investment?', your answer is a definite yes. In fact, it's more than just a good one. It is also a crucial and urgent one. Let's consider some statistics. UNESCO has released a policy paper that points out that the contribution of businesses to education take only 0.1% of the profits of the largest companies worldwide. Private contributors who choose to invest in education in the developing countries invest around $683 million yearly, which is only 5% of all aid for educational purposes.

With these numbers, it's clear that education receives almost nothing when compared to other spheres of life.


Investing in Education is Essential for Developing Other Fields


The same report compares the 53% of foundation's grants in the US allocated to health, to the low 8% put aside for education.

Yes, health is an extremely delicate and important issue, but so is education. In fact, the quality of the healthcare depends greatly of that of education, since healthcare professionals must be trained and educated in order to use the investments to improve healthcare.

It all goes in a circle and yet, some of the essential parts of it are much forgotten. As soon as the number of educational investors grows, so will the number of talented and skilled staff ready to change healthcare and other fields for better.

However, when we mention investments in education, we don't mean investing in developing countries only. For example, writing services are known to boost the study process, which is why investing in an online essay writing service is a smart move. Yes, this is crucial and definitely should happen, but investors should also look at some parts of education that seriously need some financial aid.


Investing in Education is a Moral Imperative

Education is a basic human right for everyone. As adults, we are morally obliged to provide this human right to those who will take our place once we are gone - children.

In other words, you can't just invest in your own education and consider your moral obligations done. How is education an investment in yourself? It's an investment in your life and your future, both of which depend not only on you, but on the children who'll lead that future, too.


Investing in Education Can Change the World for the Better

Think of education as a moving force that lifts all boats. If you make it possible for others in the world to get education, every point of life will drastically improve. For example, if you educate a single child that isn't your parental obligation but an investment decision, that child might be the solution to your future problem. He might be the new Nikola Tesla or invent a cure for a disease that you'll someday have. Isn't this worth considering?

Providing every child with primary education will be a transformation like our world has never seen before. Every dollar invested in a child's education brings a $53 return to a company that employs that child in the future. The economic growth in developing and low-income countries will grow by at least 2% every year if we invest more in education. The Global Compact’s Sustainability Report identifies education as the priority for investors of the private sector. Lack of proper education keeps everyone away from boosting the economy, successfully creating new products and services, improving quality, and pursuing new market opportunities.

Providing education to children is primarily the responsibility of the governments, but this is a tremendous investment that no government can take care of on its own. That being said, businesses need to play a role in boosting the progress for quality education and access to such for everyone, most importantly children.



Next time you think of investing in something smart and useful, think of education. Creating learning opportunities for children and adults around the world is within the reach of investors. Before you toss this idea aside as less relevant than something else, think of the long-term effect it has on the world. Without proper education, none of the things you invest in can pay off. With it, we can boost every field in life, as well as give children their basic human right to quality education.


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