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Contributed by Welcome Center Malta, 22 November, 2018

Yacht registration in Malta has become quite popular. The Maltese International Ship Register is one of the largest in the world. Its popularity increased over the years due to the local reputable regulations and laws, that make registering a yacht in Malta a straight forward process with ample benefits.

When the total registered tonnage is compared on a global level, the Maltese Cross ranks as the sixth, however, in Europe, it ranks as the first. Recognising its wealth, the Maltese authorities strived to create the right framework for yacht registration in Malta.

Some of the advantages associated with the Maltese Flag

Type of registrations

There two type of registration options in Malta, Private and Commercial.

Private Registration - This includes any type of pleasure yacht which may only be used for the owner’s advantage and must not generate any profit for carrying passengers.

Commercial Registration - This can be a yacht from a direct owner or owned by a company for commercial use with the intention to make profits.

Registration Process

1. The first step consists of getting all the required documents in place. Yachts are generally registered in Malta for the period of 6 months. After this, it can be extended for another period, in which all documents have to be submitted again.

2. Once all of the documents are submitted and approved by the authorities, an inspection and a non-operational certificate will be issued.

3. To proceed to a permanent registration, further documentation is required and submitted after the second step is done. The permanent registration is to be renewed annually.

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