Asia Expat Guides Spearheads Relocation Industry

Contributed by Asia Expat Guides, 26 September, 2013

Asia Expat Guides Spearheads Relocation Industry

Singapore-based company expands operations to rest of Asia

By David Lam

1st September, 2013

Singapore–International expatriate relocation company Asia Expat Guides has recently expanded its operations to India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea, following an increase in demand for corporate relocation programs.

The company has set up support systems for international expats in these countries and hired approximately 80 new guides across the four countries.

Asia Expat Guides has been a big player on the expat relocation scene in Asia, having ridden the wave of expatriation into the economically-booming Asia in recent years.

Despite the increase of expatriation, there has no longer been a need for businesses to dangle huge incentives for employees to work abroad today.

Companies have drastically reduced the benefits of employees’ relocation packages as younger employees are willing to seek better prospects or job opportunities through posting overseas.

As companies have dissolved in-house support for relocation, relocation companies such as Asia Expat Guides have received the outsourced responsibility of facilitating successful expat relocation.

About the company

Asia Expat Guides begun as a company targeting expatriates from the western hemisphere of the globe moving into Asia in 2010.

The company began its operations mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Founder Mr. Desmond Chow, 30, saw the big cultural differences that expats faced when moving to Asia to live and work.

Client profiling and feedback revealed that affluent and high net-worth individuals desired a hassle-free and comfortable acclimatization process moving into their host countries.

Expat experience was also found to be a large concern — many expats had no inking how to integrate themselves into local culture, and wanted to experience the diverse culture that Asia has to offer.

Asia Expat Guides has tailored its services to suit the practical needs and higher-order wants of expats coming into Asia.

The company’s marquee services have grown to include expat accommodation, local language courses and various forms of administrative support for expats, including settling visas and banking matters, and registering for schools for their children.

Asia Expat Guides has served approximately 1000 clients since it was established.


To learn more about Asia Expat Guides, please contact:

Desmond Chow, Director

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