Duty of Care Conference

Contributed by IKG, 12 October, 2017

After the great success of our first Duty of Care Day/Conference in New York City, IKG Global Consultants, LLC in partnership with The Kinnamon Group, Inc., and The BeBe Group is in the last weeks of preparations for production of Duty of Care 2017 conference in Washington D.C. A.T. Smith Deputy Director Secret Service(Ret.) as one of the conference Keynote Speakers, at the Marriott Hotel Crystal City.

What motivated us to take on this Challenge?

In today's world events, terrorism attacks, natural disasters, airstrikes, and kidnapping are occurring more frequently, which is quite a concern and fearsome to the global traveler. Nevertheless, employers must continue to send their employees abroad or they will lose their global position.

Duty of Care is the Law in many European and other countries.  All global companies must realize there is a direct moral, social and, of course, legal responsibility that links global workforce on an international project for their organization. Sometimes there are gaps in communication and planning within the organization culture or in the system.

Therefore, Duty to Inform and Prepare along with a robust contingency plan is essential for planning the safety of the traveling workforce. It is imperative for C-suite executives, small business enterprises, NGOs and Universities to take international travel with serious security planning and demonstrate a culture of safety first toward their workforce.

We created the Duty of Care Day on October 26, 2016, to help corporate world, small business owners, HR and security professionals understand and learn from the global safety and security issues.

Our motivation behind this conference's mission is to bring high-touch and value-driven content to build knowledge of Duty of Care policies and proven strategies. The Cross-Border Preparedness and Contingency planning Service is designed to assist your company's global mobility needs. The service will be launched as a credential CBPStm

According to Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno

"Conference such as this one serve as an invaluable resource when members of the business community and public can discuss their experiences and suggestions on how to safely conduct business and travel abroad. Further, in an ever-changing world, it is important employers and employees understand the legal imprecations and liabilities placed upon them while working overseas."

You can register for the Duty of Care Conference here: dutyofcare2017.online

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