Free pension review services and guide launched for expats

Contributed by AES International, 07 April, 2015

As the new pension flexibility rules take effect in the UK, AES International is offering expatriates the chance to have their pension reviewed for free, to see whether they are on track to achieve the retirement they are hoping for.

AES International is launching the free pension service alongside the publication of a new pensions guide aimed specifically at British expatriates.

Sam Instone, founder and chief executive of AES International, said: "We have launched 'Expat pensions: The ultimate guide' because we feel there is a shortage of free information available to expatriates about their choices as they reach retirement."

"We are also aware that, with the new pension flexibility rules having just come in in the UK, many people will be wondering where that leaves them in terms of their retirement options. Furthermore, by providing people with high quality and objective information, I think we can counteract much of the mis-information which is unfortunately perpetuated in overseas markets."

The free guide clearly and objectively explains what options are open to expatriates with pension assets in the UK and how these various options work.

AES International uses case studies and comparison tables to set out how different pension schemes, such as Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes and Self Invested Personal pensions, work.

The guide also offers tips and guidance on how people may want to consider structuring their pension investment portfolio, as well as offering a few warnings over things which should be avoided, such as making high risk investments or not protecting a portfolio against inflation.

To obtain a free guide or to apply for a no obligation pension X-ray, customers should click here.

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