The APRIL Group celebrates 30 years with industry award nomination and commitment to international growth

Contributed by APRIL International, 09 October, 2018

APRIL Group, the international insurance services entity and leading wholesale broker in France, is celebrating 30 years since its foundation in 1988. The Group, which today operates in 31 countries, has developed international private medical insurance (iPMI) as a core business line outside of France.

Shortlisted for the prestigious category of Best Individual International PMI Provider at this year's Health Insurance awards, the APRIL Group's iPMI business line is now gaining increasing recognition in a highly competitive market space.

APRIL International UK Managing director, Joe Thomas said, 'We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Best Individual International PMI Provider category and are grateful for the support from our broker partners who voted for us. Our experience, depth of service and network gives us a strong global proposition and with this new award nomination, we are confident in our ability to be able to continue growing our share of the global iPMI market through the development of competitive solutions and innovative concepts, whilst delivering excellent support and superior service.'

The Group's iPMI business brings together APRIL International Care in France, APRIL International UK and APRIL Asia Pacific and now operates under the new trade name of APRIL International Care. It aims to make high quality medical care accessible for all customers wherever they are in the world supported by dedicated local service capabilities.

The APRIL Group's iPMI business line acquired MediCare International in the UK just over four years ago and added GlobalHealth Asia in 2015 to lay the foundations for rapid expansion into the international private health insurance market. Now according to Joe Thomas, APRIL International Care is 'Poised for a major push into new and existing markets.'

Based in Hong Kong, April International Care's Head of Digital Marketing Kylee Bees has first hand experience of how innovation in one part of the Group can be developed, tested and delivered to the rest of the organisation. 'Our mobile app is a case in point. Launched last year in Asia, it allows you to send all your medical invoices up to the value of US$800 electronically, so you don"t need to send us the original invoices anymore'. Bees adds, 'With France already on board we are now working on rolling out this innovation to the UK, and Africa.'

Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1997, APRIL now has a truly international footprint, with operations in 31 countries worldwide. In addition to its presence across mainland Europe and the UK, the Group own companies in the Far East, where separate subsidiaries support activities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Latin America and Africa. The Group now has over 3,800 employees worldwide supporting 20,000 distributors, 15,000 of which are brokers.

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