Entertainment, Media and Television for Expats in Australia

Submitted: July 2013

Thanks to its distinctive culture, climate and native lifestyle, Australia is well known for its people’s vivacity, wildlife, vibrant art scene, sporting performance and scenery. By virtue of this, Australia offers a wide array of entertainment choices catering to many tastes. Cconsidering entertainment options, this article focuses on the Australian nightlife, wildlife, sightseeing and tours but is by no means an exhaustive list of options.



Australia offers great nightlife ranging from casinos, nightclubs, to barstools on the beach front, all varying throughout its cities, and complemented by its relatively warm weather all year round. Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, boasts venues for lovers of jazz and blues and other kinds of live music. It has several neighbourhoods, catering to many different styles and tastes. If you are into gambling, Sydney may be the spot for you as it has the most casinos of all the cities in Australia, among many other activities. Melbourne is an exciting activity hub, all day and night, with numerous bars for all tastes and many restaurants if you fancy a quiet evening.



Known for its wildlife, especially the marsupials, Australia caters to those who want to explore its natural environment. Ranging from buffalo hunts, exploring the subtropical rainforest, or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef (one of the world’s natural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site), or even a simple trip to the beach. All these can be done through any of the many established touring agencies available such as World Expeditions and G Adventures.


Sightseeing and Tours

Australia hosts a lot of tours and sightseeing ranging from walking tours through the cities, to exploring caves and helicopter trips. In some cases, integrated into these tours are various activities such as cycling or horseback riding.

For a comprehensive list of entertaining activities available and starting costs, please refer to the Viator website. The following may also prove useful - https://www.lonelyplanet.com/australia/things-to-do


Television and Media

Generally, Australian televisions stations are often criticised for their programming quality, more specifically, the picture quality which is often not of high definition and they air several infomercials. However, the stations are known for providing a lot of free sport programmes which would otherwise require a paid cable package to be seen in other countries.

Australia has 5 major networks that broadcast digital television using PAL B/G signal type to both the metropolitan and regional areas. These are ABC, SBS, Seven Network, Nine Network and Network Ten. The free channels which are available and their programme schedule may be found from the following link - https://www.freeview.com.au/

Additionally, if you fancy your home channels and want access to them, particular cable packages are made available through digital and internet TV. The following link will provide insight into available cable packages and give a direct comparison, allowing you to decide which best suits you. - https://comparetoday.com.au/

Australia has a very developed newspaper industry which boasts 12 state/territory daily newspapers, 35 regional dailies and 470 other regional and suburban newspapers. The only national newspaper is The Australian; other distinguished newspapers include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and The Age. Alongside these is the most prominent financial newspaper, The Australian Financial Review. Additionally, there are over 100 foreign language newspapers and magazines available in Australia which may be ordered through any of the various news centres. To following resource can be used to verify if your preferred newspaper is available in Australia. - https://www.moremagazines.com.au/

The audio media sector in Australia is very active, with 274 operational commercial radio stations (funded by advertising) and 341 community (publicly funded) radio stations, available over both AM and FM frequencies. Stations typically vary in each region. With the increasing popularity of streaming over the internet and digital radio, it is possible that your home radio channels will be made accessible to you.



Moving to Australia

If you are considering moving to Australia or are soon to depart, you can find helpful information and advice in the Expat Briefing dedicated Australian section including; details of immigration and visas, Australian forums, Australian event listings and service providers in Australia.


Living in Australia

From your safety to shoppingliving in Australia can yield great benefits as well as occasional drawbacks.  Find your feet and stay abreast of the latest developments affecting expats in Australia with relevant news and up-to-date information.


Working in Australia

Working in Australia can be rewarding as well as stressful, if you don't plan ahead and fulfill any legal requirements. Find out about visas and passports, owning and operating a company in Australia, and general Australian culture of the labour market.



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