Fitness and Sport for Expats in Canada

Submitted: November 2013


Believe it or not folks but there are other sports played in Canada besides ice hockey. Whilst ice hockey is the most popular winter sport, lacrosse, Canadian football (similar to American football), soccer (football) and basketball are other popular sports.

12 Canadian cities have what are referred to as Sports and Social clubs where individuals, groups of friends or teams can come together can compete in a variety of sports. Interested persons of all ability levels are welcome to join one of the many leagues available.

Please refer to the following links below for the websites of the Sports and Social Clubs in order to get complete information on these organisations:


In addition to the organisations mentioned above, there are several other sporting groups for different levels. For a list of sporting clubs in Canada according to sport discipline, please refer to the following link below:

If you can’t play a sport, you definitely would not be left out in terms of participation. In fact, some people consider spectating, a sport in itself due to the passion and dedication most fans give to their teams. If you would like to attend games for professional sports please refer to the following links below:


Canadian Football:


You can also refer to the main site from the links above in order to get the schedule of games.


The motto of Fitness Finder Canada is “Fitness so accessible, excuses don’t stand a chance”. This resource is so helpful in tailoring your search to your needs, that it takes the difficulty out of selecting your fitness centre. You can select from categories including city, services (bootcamps, nutrition, yoga, etc), age group, membership type (drop-in, membership), trainers (male, female, either) and facility type (gym, at-home, studio). Please refer to the link below in order access Fitness Finder:

Despite the multitude of gyms catering to a variety of needs, it is always helpful to consider reviews in order to get the opinion of others about the best gyms. The blog below gives its opinion on the best fitness clubs in Toronto:

Please remember that these lists are entirely subjective and while you can take them into account, only you can truly determine the right fitness club for you. In this regard, you may find it helpful to contact potential gyms to enquire about the number of members, peak and low times and whether insurance is available.

Many people may have experienced the unfortunate situation with selecting a gym and subsequently realising that it is not the right gym for you. Ideally you should attempt to visit your chosen fitness centre before committing to a contract and also enquire as to the availability of free trials. If you find yourself in the situation mentioned above however, all hope is not lost. Under the Consumer Protect Act of 2002, you have the right to cancel a membership within 10 days of receiving a written copy of your agreement with the club or the day all services in the agreement are available, whichever is the later date. You do not have to provide a reason for cancelling your membership. For more information regarding your legal rights with regards to fitness clubs and other helpful tips, please refer to the following link:

As mentioned above, there are a variety of gym types including gyms which are part of a larger chain. GoodLife Fitness is one of the largest fitness chains in Canada. The advantage of selecting a fitness club that is part of a chain is that you may have access to other clubs in the chain. For example Goodlife Fitness offers various membership options such as access to a single club or regional multi-club access or all clubs across Canada. These options may be helpful especially if you are required to travel often across Canada.

If you are on the lookout for creative ways to get in shape, the article below provides some interesting ideas to get in shape for free:

For general tips to guide you along your quest for healthy living, please refer to the following link:



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