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Expat Groups in France

Submitted: October 2013

France has long been a popular destination for expats from the UK and other countries. Many expat groups are well established and welcome newcomers from all walks of life.

For any new expat, gaining an insight on the way of life from expat websites such as www.expatbriefing.com can be very valuable indeed. A useful source of information, expat websites can explain in detail how to deal with bureaucracy and officialdom in France.

Expat groups in France are often made up of individuals originating from a particular country, such as the UK or US. Most websites for expats living in France provide forums to allow members to share experiences and give advice on subjects ranging from registering with the local council, job hunting, service providers and much more. There are also a number of publications such as newspapers and magazines aimed at expat communities and often published in two or three languages.

The expat meetup website (https://brit.meetup.com/cities/fr/) has links to meetup groups in Paris and many other areas of the country. Activities and groups on the site range from pub crawls, badminton, football, book clubs and parent networks. Not surprisingly, Paris offers the most expat groups in France and the choice of different activities on offer should make it easy for a newly arrived individual to find a suitable activity to participate in. In the event of an expat not being able to find an appropriate group of like-minded expats, meetup.com offers individuals the opportunity to set up their own group under the meetup umbrella.

The Americans in France website is the brainchild of American Jeff Steiner and can be found here: (https://www.americansinfrance.net/links/LinksByCategory.cfm?Category=Expat). Mr Steiner covers a whole range of subjects such as daily life, culture and attractions. The website also provides links to other sites and publishes a free online newsletter.

News covering the whole of France as well as issues relating to housing, job searches and much more can be found in another English language online newspaper here: https://www.thelocal.fr/. Some of the articles cover current affairs, politics and general news. There is also an expat online forum giving readers the chance to ask questions or comment on some of the content.

Generally speaking, expats are well catered for when it comes to groups and websites specially designed to make a newcomer’s life easier when first arriving in the country. However, French natives have a reputation for not liking enclaves of expats sticking together without making any serious attempt to integrate into the local community. A newcomer to the country would be wise to bear this in mind when settling into his new home. While expat groups and networks can provide valuable information and help in the first few months easier for a newly arrived individual from another country, an expat should ensure to arrive as well informed as possible when it comes to issues affecting daily life.



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