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International Schools for Expats in Germany

Submitted: December 2013

There are several reasons why you may wish to send your children to an International school, such as:

  • the student body is largely international which will expose your children to different cultures;
  • they are better equipped with computers and the school’s sport and extracurricular facilities tend to be superior to those at state schools;
  • there are modern school facilities and equipment;
  • the curricula is uniform which enables a smooth transition for your children; and
  • the certificates offered upon completion of a tenure at an international school will normally include the International Baccalaureate, British A levels, German Abitur and even an American high school diploma

As expected however, the costs for sending your children to an international school will be greater than sending them to a state or even private school. It can cost as much as €16,000 per high school student, per year, but the fees do vary from school to school.


Here is an overview of a few international schools you can find in Germany:


Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS https://www.bbis.de/)

The primary school section is geared towards the local German curriculum, whilst at the secondary school, a larger focus is placed on the International Baccalaureate and the IGCSEs. The teaching staff is representative of over 17 different nationalities. Classes are taught in English, however all pupils have German language lessons every day. Some of the extracurricular activities at the BBIS include karate, choir, judo, student newspaper amongst others.

Admission and Tuition: Parents and pupils are often interviewed and undergo a three day trial process, whereby the school assesses whether the pupil will fit in academically. For entrance into the secondary school, pupils do an entrance exam in Math, German and English. Tuition fees range from €10,320 to €11,220.


Berlin British School (BBS https://www.berlinbritishschool.de/)

This school offers a British learning experience with an English curriculum and IGCSEs being the central focus. This school also has a uniform, which is not common to schools in Germany. All pupils are also taught German. Some of the extracurricular activities offered include swimming, basketball, handball, dance and choir. There is also an annual excursion to England’s Lake District for pupils in year 7-9.

Admission and Tuition: Pupils undergo a three-day visit before entry during which assessments are done in math, science, information technology and English. There is an admission charge of €2,600. Tuition fees range from €3,685 to €14,083 annually. There are also exam fees, €1,575 for the IGCSEs and €2,625 for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.


Munich International School (MIS https://www.mis-munich.de/)

This school has over 1000 pupils with approximately 55 nationalities being represented. The International Baccalaureate is the main focus at this school, starting from the primary years. It is possible to also take the IGCSEs before beginning the IB Diploma courses. Sporting facilities include three large playing fields, three gymnasia, outdoor tennis courts and a performance arts centre. Fundraising and charitable work is also encouraged at MIS.

Admission and Tuition: Prospective pupils will be asked for past school reports and will undergo an interview as well as take a language proficiency test and a ‘school readiness’ assessment. Tuition fees comprise of an entrance fee of €5,500, a registration fee of €1,500; technology fees of €350-€650 per year and core tuition fees are €12,150-€15,250.



Below is a list of some other International schools for you to consider:

  • Accadis International School Bod Homburg
  • Bavarian International School
  • International School of Bremen
  • Frankfurt International School
  • Cologne International School
  • Schule Schloss Salem
  • Strothoff International School
  • St. George’s The English International School



We value input from our readers. If you spot an error on this page or have any suggestions, please let us know.


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