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Expat Groups in Germany

Submitted: October 2013

Germany is a large country and due to the low birth rate and low unemployment, expats are actively encouraged to live and work and Germany.

For any new expat, gaining an insight on the way of life from expat websites such as www.expatbriefing.com can be very valuable indeed. A useful source of information, expat websites can explain in detail how to deal with bureaucracy and officialdom in Germany.

The Newcomers Network is an online community for expats in Germany. The Network publishes guides to Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf; it also organises events covering a range of topics such as expatriate assignments and business as well as pastimes such as skiing, discussion groups, painting and creative writing. Their website can be found here: https://www.newcomers-network.de/

Most of the big cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf boast a number of expat groups.

Expat groups in Germany are often made up of individuals originating from a particular country or sharing a particular language. Most websites for expats living in Germany provide forums to allow members to share experiences and give advice on subjects ranging from registering with the local council, job hunting, service providers and much more. There are also a number of publications such as newspapers and magazines aimed at expat communities and often published in two or three languages.

Expat Mom (https://expat-mom.com/) provides an interesting insight into the daily challenges faced by an American mum who is married to a German and now living in the country. The blog also provides information on food and drink, culture etc and is very much aimed at fellow Americans. There are few female orientated expat websites or groups in Germany and there are opportunities to correct this situation. The expat meetup website offers new expats to set up their own meetup groups in their area. The groups set up under the meetup umbrella include the British Business Club Düsseldorf which arranges monthly business and social events for English speakers.

Toytown Germany (https://www.toytowngermany.com/) is an English language community website covering a large part of Germany. The site contains a reader forum, bar and restaurant reviews, events and meetups and job offers, as well as information and help regarding housing and other social issues.

Expat groups are perhaps not as prolific and widespread in Germany as they are in many other countries. Perhaps this is because expats have integrated into their new community and do not feel the need to attach themselves too closely to other expats. Another possible reason could be that expats are spread too far and wide and there are insufficient numbers in any one location to warrant setting up and advertising a group online.

A newcomer to the country would be wise to read some of the blogs and learn about what they can expect once in the country. Expat groups and networks can provide valuable information and help in the first few months easier for a newly arrived individual from another country, an expat should ensure to arrive as well informed as possible when it comes to issues affecting daily life.



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