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Fitness and Sport for Expats in Hong Kong

Submitted: July 2013

The fitness industry in Hong Kong is fast-growing, with the government promoting physical fitness and well-being by encouraging members of the public to participate in its ‘Sports for All’ programme.

Hong Kong sports reflects the territory’s mixed Chinese and British heritage by offering wide sporting options ranging from traditional dragon boating to football or martial arts. By far the most popular spectator sport in Hong Kong is horse racing, with weekly races attracting thousands of spectators as millions are gambled annually on the results. Similarly, Premier League football from UK is popular both with locals and expats, and is often shown in local pubs with Manchester United being one of the more popular teams. Other popular spectator sports include Dragon boat racing which is most often done during the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival; and cricket, which takes places mainly during October when the Hong Kong Cricket Sixes is held.

Sports in Hong Kong are by no means limited to spectating as there are many participant sports available, and many amateur associations for most sport which will help you find a sport club or team that is close to your home. These associations include the South China Athletic Association (https://www.scaa.org.hk), the Hong Kong Hockey Association (https://www.hockey.org.hk/) and the Hong Kong Basketball Association (https://www.basketball.org.hk/), among many others. Most of these clubs and associations are open to both children and adults, even though the majority of Hong Kong schools usually have sporting facilities and clubs.

If you prefer an outdoor activity such as cycling or fishing, despite Hong Kong high population density, it actually allows for these activities, which may include:

Walking, hiking or climbing – the Hong Kong Tourism Board is a good place to start if you are interested in these activities as they can provide information and resources such as maps to assist you. Notably, countryside maps are also available from many government bookstores.

Cycling and Mountain Biking – if you are interested in these activities, a cycling permit may be required and there are also specific tracks on which these activities are allowed. More information may be obtained from the Hong Kong Agricultures, Fisheries and  Conservation Department - https://www.afcd.gov.hk/english/country/cou_vis/cou_vis_mou/cou_vis_mou_mou/cou_vis_mou_mou.html

Fishing – there are rules and guidelines governing both fresh water and sea fishing. More information can be obtained from the following website which is provided by the Hong Kong government - https://www.hk-fish.net/. Additionally, you may want to join the Mandarin Sports Fishing Club (https://www.msfc.com.hk/), a club for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts.

Hong Kong has many gyms to help you to stay fit. Two well-known gym chains are California Fitness Centres https://www.californiafitness.com/hk/en/) and Pure Fitness (https://www.pure-fitness.com/en/hongkong/).Fitness First (https://www.fitnessfirst.com.hk/) is also a relatively large global gym with a number of locations throughout Hong Kong. The cost of gym membership varies depending on a number of factors such length of contract, location, and whether you need a person trainer or not. Many gyms afford you the option of a free trial before you actually register for membership. A comprehensive list of some of the more popular gym chains in Hong Kong, including their locations is provided by the following link - https://healthyhongkong.wordpress.com/hong-kong-gyms/

Additionally, the following Hong Kong Government website provides further information on leisure facilities, activities, parks, sporting events and sporting organisations which are available to you. - https://www.gov.hk/en/residents/culture/recreation/



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