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Shopping for Expats in Hong Kong

Author: Jason Zhou
Submitted: July 2013

You would not question that Hong Kong is a city for shoppers, not only because of its large varieties of goods but also the price and the services.  In Hong Kong you can find different goods from all over the world, from the top international names to local specialties. Furthermore, there is no VAT or sales tax in Hong Kong and there are sales and promotions all thought the year. Prices are normally lower than other jurisdictions, especially the price for some big brands. Shop assistants are normally trained to provide professional services in Hong Kong so all together shopping in Hong Kong is a happy experience.

Where to shop

There are many shops all over Hong Kong. However, there are two major shopping districts. One is called ‘Hong Kong Island’. Another one is called ‘Kowloon’. In Hong Kong Island there are four hot areas which are; ‘Central’, ‘Admiralty’ , ‘Causeway Bay’ and ‘Sheung Wan’ . In Kowloon, there are three hot areas which are; ‘Tsim Sha Tsui’, ‘Jordan’ and ‘Mong Kok’.

Among these seven hot areas Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui are the hottest areas. There are many shopping malls and shopping streets in these two areas, such as SOGO, Times Square and Jardine's Bazaar in Causeway Bay and Harbor City, Nathan Road and Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Normally you can buy ordinary and not very expensive goods here. 

Shops on a shopping street are normally selling similar goods. For example, shops on Granville Road sell trendy womens clothing. Shops on Nathan Road sell golden products.

On the other side, the shopping malls in Central area are more advanced such as; the Landmark, the International Financial Centre Mall, and the Pacific Place. You can find top international brands here such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Tiffany.  

If you want more information for shopping in Hong Kong, you can visit Hong Kong Tourism Board here: www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/shop/. You also can find some information here www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g294217-s405/Hong-Kong:China:Shopping.html and here https://gohongkong.about.com/od/shoppinginhk/a/Topshoptips.htm.

If you are living in Hong Kong and just want to do some daily shopping, it’s also very convenient. There are many super stores and convenience stores in Hong Kong.  Famous shops are PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, China Resources Vanguard Shop, OK, and 7-Eleven.  PARKnSHOP is the largest online grocery store in Hong Kong offering over 9000 products.  OK and 7-Eleven are convenience store chains selling daily commodities, mainly snacks and phone cards. They are normally open 24 hours a day. You can get more information from their websites below:

PARKnSHOP  -  www.parknshop.com
Wellcome  -  www.wellcome.com.hk
China Resources Vanguard Shop  -  www.crv.com.cn/SuperMarket
OK  -  www.circlek.hk
7-Eleven  -  www.7-eleven.com.hk

Online shopping

Online shopping is not very popular in Hong Kong as there are many shops in Hong Kong. You can find several convenience stores around the corner and most of them provide 24-hour services.

If you want to buy online from all over the world bear in mind that this is a form of importation. Although Hong Kong does not impose custom duties on most of the goods entering Hong Kong there are still four types of dutiable commodities which are liquors, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil and methyl alcohol. Therefore it is recommended checking the Customs and Excise Department’s website www.customs.gov.hk   if you think you might be liable to pay custom duties.

Shopping hours  

Shops normally open for seven days a week. Typical business hours in a day are 10 am to 19 pm. However, some shops may open until 11:30 pm especially on the weekends.



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