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International Schools for Expats in Italy

Submitted: February 2014

International schools can sometimes be the perfect fit for expats who want to ensure that their children make an easy transition into their new home. These schools facilitate a student’s education in line with the curriculum of its host country. If you are planning to return to you home country soon, an International School may be the best choice for your child because of the transferable nature of the student’s education. Most International Schools follow internationally recognised curricula. The environment is usually welcoming and enables students of different nationalities and cultures to learn and grow together. One of the most attractive features of most International Schools is that they understand the capricious nature of international assignments and therefore allow admissions on a rolling basis.

One of the world’s most prestigious International Schools is located in Italy (The United World College of the Adriatic). The United World College of the Adriatic selects students based on academic merit.  The School’s mission is to unite people through education. Scholarships are offered each year through the National Commission for United World Colleges. For more information visit there website https://www.uwcad.it/

In making an assessment on the quality of education provided by the school, one should take into account whether or not the Council of International Schools (CIS) accredits the school. A list of member schools can be found at their website, https://www.cois.org/

Before considering an International School for your child, there are important considerations to be made;

Research is necessary to help make the right decision for your child. It is advisable that you liaise with the High Commission of Italy and perhaps seek their advice on the best school for your situation. They may also be able to put you in contact with other expat families.

Each school follows its own admissions criteria which will usually be made available on the respective school’s website. The first step in the process usually involves an online application to be filled out.

International Schools do not teach the national curriculum.  Many international schools offer curriculum taught in a language other than Italian. There are German schools, French Lycees, British Schools and even Swiss Schools.

Annual Tuition fees can be fairly costly (upwards of EUR 9000). Other costs for extra curricular activities and school lunches must be taken into account.

To help in the decision making process, the following resources may prove useful:

Further, the Telegraph’s Expat website is an invaluable resource in the listing of International schools in Italy and provides a short description of each one.

If you are British expat and would like to continue your school’s British curriculum, visit the Council of British International Schools website at https://www.cobis.org.uk/page.cfm?p=1



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