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Language Schools for Expats in Malta

Submitted: November 2013

The national language of Malta is Maltese which is also known as Malti. English is also an official language. Many government websites display information in both languages. If English is not your native tongue, you may choose to attend an English language school while in Malta. However if you can already speak English, you may still want to learn Maltese as 80% of the local population speak it. You should know upfront that there are significantly more language schools which teach English than Maltese.

The government of Malta monitors and assesses the quality of English language schools through the EFL Monitoring Board. There are also national associations such as the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta (FELTOM) which ensure that their member schools are delivering quality programmes. For the recently updated 2013 list of English language schools which are licensed, please refer to the following link:


Many language schools offer a wide array of programmes catered to all individuals such as the professional adult, the casual learner, those seeking the necessary qualification for their studies and even children. Another great feature of many language schools are courses which are tailored to your particular field such as business or science. These schools often offer exam preparation for internationally recognised qualifications such as Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which may be needed when applying to higher education institutions. Please refer to the following link in order to search for schools related to your particular needs:


The Malta University Language School offers beginner and intermediate courses in a number of languages including Maltese. For further information regarding these courses, please refer to the following link:


Many of the local councils in Malta also offer basic courses in Maltese. You should contact the local council in your area in order find out if these classes are offered. For a list of local councils in Malta, please refer to the following links:

The Directorate for Lifelong Learning in Malta also organises a number of language courses in varying lengths in several languages including Maltese. Please refer to the following link to find your desired language course:


The link below provides a helpful overview of a Maltese as a Foreign Language course including details about tutors, location and timetable offered through Lifelong Learning:

Another factor that should be considered when selecting a language school is your learning style. You may feel more comfortable being taught on a one on one basis or you may thrive in a classroom style setting. The former option can be more expensive but you should make your choice based on your strengths. Nevertheless, you should make enquiries from your potential school about issues such as student/teacher ratio, size of the class, general aptitude of students to name a few.

The costs of these programmes vary according to numerous factors such as the course, length, accommodation, skill level, and means of instruction amongst others. On average prices can range from €150 to €400 per week. For an example of a pricing list at a FELTOM accredited language school, please refer to the following links:

You may be able to find accommodation with a host family or student residence through your school with prices averaging €250 per week, so you should enquire about this option should you require it.

For a few helpful basic and essential lessons in Maltese that you may want to learn before your arrival, please refer to the following links:

Whichever official language of Malta you choose to study, you must remember that learning a new language can be tedious and takes time so do not expect to become fluent overnight. The important thing is to keep practising, so Good luck or Ix-Xorti t-Tajba!



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