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Communications for Expats in Malta

Submitted: November 2013


Internet access is available to businesses and home users in various forms, including dial-up, cable, DSL, Fibre-power and wireless.

Dial-up internet access while still available has almost entirely been replaced by broadband technologies, due to its slow speed and unreliability, and is generally only used as a backup.

Broadband internet is accessible and widespread on the island, with most households opting for broadband connection. There are several internet providers for you to choose from, such as:



The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), in collaboration with other entities, manages up to 185 free Wi-Fi hotspots across Malta and Gozo. To find out where these hotspots are located visit: www.visitmalta.com/en/wi-fi



The main telecommunications service provider in Malta is called Maltcom and there are a number of mobile phone networks available that provide very good coverage. Generally, after buying a mobile phone, you can opt to ‘pay as you go’ – meaning you buy a certain amount of credit for your phone and top it up as often as is necessary. Alternatively you can sign up for a contract and pay monthly. All service providers allow for both options. For an example of what some companies offer, see below:

Pre-Pay Plan: with this plan you can top-up as much as you wish to your mobile phone. If you top up with 10euro, you ca get 10 euro in credit with 10c per call to all local Vodafone numbers and 50MB internet. There are other pre-pay packages for you to choose from. Visit www.vodafone.com.mt/topupandget for more information.

Monthly Plan: starting from 35euro per month, which gives you 2000 minutes and SMS to Vodafone numbers, 60 minutes and SMS to other networks and 1GB of mobile internet.


If you are thinking of an easy way to pay your bills, do ensure that you check out myBills (www.bills.mygov.mt). This is the Maltese Government’s online billing solution. Over the years, the number of eGovernment websites accepting payment has increased considerably and myBills offers the ability for residents to pay and manage their bills online.

When you are in Malta it is advisable to view and compare all of the packages and bundles that each provider offer so that you can get the best plan suited for your particular electronic communications needs. One helpful website that will assist you in this is www.telecosts.com. This website allows you to compare prices of the various services from the different providers, based on the way you use these services. By using this website you can compare fixed line tariffs, mobile tariffs, broadband tariffs, as well as bundled packages tariff plans.

Do note that while all the prices shown on the website include VAT, it excludes Excise tax which is at 3%.

The following is a list of useful telephone numbers you should know when you are in Malta:



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