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International Schools for Expats in the Netherlands

Submitted: July 2014

In an effort to promote diversity in education, the Netherlands Government introduced partial funding for international schools; many are attached to existing state schools as separate departments. Fees at the partially funded schools are considerably lower than those at fully independent international schools. International schools tend to educate to standards such as IPC (International Primary Curriculum, GCSE (UK), PSAT/SAT (USA) and International Baccalaureate (IB).

International schools are available at primary and secondary level. Some also provide pre-school facilities. The curriculum at each school will vary depending on which international standard the school has adopted.

The IB Primary Years Programme (3 to 11/12 years) is based around six subject areas:

The IB Middle Years Programme (11/12 to 16 years) revolves around a core of eight subject groups and the study of at least two languages.

The IB Diploma Programme (16 to 19 years) revolves around a core of six subject groups and the further study of at least two languages. There is more information available here.

The IGCSE is based on the UK’s exam-based GCE O-level programme and generally revolves around the study of two languages, maths and one or more science subjects.

The  PSAT/SAT curriculum prepares students for entry into the higher levels of the American education system with an exam covering three areas; Maths, Critical Reading and Writing Skills.

Many international schools will offer more than one curriculum, and some offer more than one teaching language. There is a list of international schools in the Netherlands here. The site gives details such things as the courses offered, the fees payable at the different levels and the term dates. There are also links to the individual school websites as well.

In order to register, you will have to contact the school. Each school has different registration requirements. The following minimum information is generally required for registration:

You may also have to pay a registration fee. Fees for international schools in vary from as low as around €4,000 per year at a partially funded school to around €20,000 at some of the wholly independent international schools.

Unlike state schools, some international schools are free to set their own term dates, so you will have to check with the schools themselves. School term dates depend on which of the three regions the school is located in. The summer term end date is generally staggered over three weeks between each of the three regions in the Netherlands. This partially prevents price distortions caused by all children going on holiday at the same time.



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