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International Schools for Expats in Russia

Submitted: December 2013

Moving to Russia may pose a language barrier for children; fortunately there are a number of international schools, particularly in Moscow, offering education in English.

Apart from instruction in the native language, there may be a variety of reasons for why you would wish to send your child/children to an international school. Firstly, the majority of international schools cater to a mixture of expatriate and local children and have gained a solid reputation for preparing international children well for higher education institutions all over the world. Secondly, the student body is usually quite international which exposes young people to a variety of cultures. The physical structure of international schools and its facilities also tend to be modern and well-equipped which is more conducive to learning.

When you are making your choice, you may wish to take careful consideration of the curriculum that each international school offers to choose the most appropriate one for your child. There are schools which focus on the UK curricula, American curricula or international curricula. Bilingual international schools are also becoming a new alterative.

Below are profiles of two international schools you may wish to consider when in Russia:

The International School of Moscow (TISM) - www.internationalschool.ru - offers a British curriculum of basic education for children between two and 13 years with GCSE courses for older children.  The largest national groups are British followed by Russians. Some of the facilities on the school compound include a golf range, gym, playing fields, library and computer site. The English national curriculum is taught at TISM, with local adaptations, including daily Russian lessons. Teaching is usually conducted in mixed-ability classes and children’s progress is assesses and tracked closely throughout their tenure at the school.

The fees range from €11,970 for pre-nursery to €19,665 for years seven to nine. There is also a one-off €200 application fee, a compulsory annual lunch charge of €1,222 and uniform costs of €250. There are also additional fees for the optional bus service.

The Admissions procedure for TISM is selective with academic assessments being conducted from the beginning. Also, the school likes to have children spend a day in the classroom before joining and undergo a written exam.

British International School, Moscow (BIS )- This schools follows the English National Curriculum to students from all over the world, from nursery to the International General Certificate in Education and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The teaching staff is comprised of teachers mainly from the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries.

Class sizes are small which allows for more individual attentions; and there are well-equipped science laboratories, libraries, sports halls and I.T. provisions.

The admissions procedure for BIS Moscow involves an interview, receipt of satisfactory school reports, Medical reports and payment of fees. For more information on their admissions procedure visit: https://www.bismoscow.com/admission

Some other international schools are:

N.B. International Schools Services (ISS) - www.iss.edu - is a non-profit organization that operates and supports international schools worldwide. You may wish to visit their website to see all the available international schools in your area. It provides over 500 listings of American and international schools, as well as services for schools, teachers and families overseas.




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