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Solo Living and Dating for Expats in Russia

Author: Jason Zhou
Submitted: April 2014

Solo living has become popular in recent years with more and more people choosing to live alone. Modern work styles and financial independence has enabled people to choose the life style they want with independence and freedom. It especially common in larger cities or towns in developed countries and Russia is no different.

Sometimes you have no choice but to live alone if you are moving to a new country without family or friends. When first moving to Russia it is best to find accommodation with good security services, this will help you to feel more comfortable with your surroundings and help to keep you safe in a new, unfamiliar area.  It is recommended to build a social network sooner rather than later as not only will locals be able to help assimilate you to the Russian lifestyle but will also be able to help when being a foreigner has its disadvantages. For example market traders may increase their prices if they realise you are an expatriate.

Most expatriates live in larger cities as the life style is easier, although the living costs may be higher the public facilities are better. As the larger cities have a broader expatriate community, often creating social clubs or groups, it is easier to meet people from similar backgrounds.

In Russia, it is common for people to meet potential partners through their social network or while out in bars and coffee shops. Dating is still quite traditional in Russia with the men paying and bringing gifts, such as flowers (but only an odd number) for their date. It is customary for a couple on a date to dress formally, wearing suits and nice dresses.  

Dating websites are a good choice if you struggle to meet people. There are many websites providing services for people based in Russia. If you choose to use a dating website you will need to register yourself and create a profile. Often you will need to pay to use these sites but some dating websites do offer free services.

When providing personal information to any website you need to be aware of the sites security. Bear in mind online dating scams have become prolific over recent years, it is best to follow your instinct if you have any concerns about someone you are talking to. The most common scam will involve a request for financial help or gifts after the fraudster has gained your trust. Many will use sad stories or say they need the money to visit you. If you would like to help them make sure you purchase the ticket, where possible, so you are able to gain a refund if things go wrong. Never send them money directly.  

If you do find or you suspect you are being scammed, stop contacting the fraudsters immediately. You can report them to the FSB (Federal Security Service) through the following link: https://www.fsb.ru/fsb/webreception.htm. If you have an emergency, you can call 112.



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