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Entertainment, Media and Television for Expats in Singapore

Submitted: March 2014


If you are interested in the nightlife, Singapore offers a vibrant night scene with a plethora of lounges and stylish bars and clubs to visit. You can check out Zouk, Mono or Chijmes (www.chijmes.com/sg), which are three of the more popular nightclubs in Singapore with an excellent party vibe.

Alternatively, if you desire a more tranquil night you can visit the Tippling Club (www.tipplingclub.com), One Rochester (www.onerochester.com) or Suburbia (www.suburbia.com.sg/) which offer fine wines and dining.



If you have children you will find that there is no shortage of places and activities to keep them entertained as well. Below are some places you can visit with your children:

  1. Singapore Zoo (www.zoo.com.sg/) – this zoo is host to several exhibits such as the large Rainforest Kidzworld water play area and the Night Safari.
  2. Museums – there are a wide variety of museums ranging from the cultural to the historical with exhibits and activities catered for children and adults alike. The National Museum of Singapore and the Mint Museum of Toys are some you may wish to visit.
  3. Sentosa – this island is home to Resorts World, a Universal Studios theme park.
  4. Botanical Gardens – these gardens provide learning and discovery experiences and are lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy the scenery with your family on a picnic. There is also the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden adjacent.



In Singapore, daily newspapers are published in English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay and are all owned by Singapore Press Holdings. They are as follows:

There are restrictions on importing foreign newspapers to Singapore, especially for politically sensitive publications. However some foreign publications you will find in Singapore include USA Today, the Economist, International Herald Tribune and Newsweek. You will also find popular magazines and journals such as Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair and GQ amongst others.



In Singapore, state-owned MediaCorp owns and operates all 7 local televisions channels licensed to broadcast in Singapore and 14 radio channels. The 7 local channels are:



Cable television is offered by:

When purchasing cable television subscriptions be sure to look out for any package deals, as both service providers offer certain promotions if you have mobile, phone or internet services with them. With either service provide you will be able to enjoy popular channels such as BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Nickelodeon to name a few. For further information on subscription rates and packages view the websites above for further information.




It is important to note that if you wish to install any broadcasting equipment in your home or vehicle you will need to get a radio or TV license from the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA). It is an offence to operate any such equipment without a valid licence and the penalty is $200 (US $157.64). You can apply for a license at any post office; alternatively, you can apply to the Singapore Broadcasting Authority by sending an application form to the Licensing Unit.

Private satellite dishes are forbidden in Singapore.



Moving to Singapore

If you are considering moving to Singapore or are soon to depart, you can find helpful information and advice in the Expat Briefing dedicated Singapore section including; details of immigration and visas, Singaporean forums, Singaporean event listings and service providers in Singapore.


Living in Singapore

From your safety to shoppingliving in Singapore can yield great benefits as well as occasional drawbacks.  Find your feet and stay abreast of the latest developments affecting expats in Singapore with relevant news and up-to-date information.

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Working in Singapore

Working in Singapore can be rewarding as well as stressful, if you don't plan ahead and fulfill any legal requirements. Find out about visas and passports, owning and operating a company in Singapore, and general Singaporean culture of the labour market.



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