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2014 Vuelta a España Stage Guide

The 2014 Vuelta a España will see riders covering over 3,100 kilometres across Spain, with very few days offering a peaceful time for the main contenders. The Vuelta organisers have classed stage 18 as being mountainous though, despite an uphill ending, the course only seems tricky enough to be classed as being hilly. Nonetheless, all of the 2014 Vuelta's seven true high-mountain stages have summit finishes which, while lacking variety, offer a very stiff challenge. Three stages in particular, stage 14, stage 16, and stage 20, are exceptionally difficult and look set to decide the overall winner.

The race will also feature three stages against the clock. It will begin with a team time trial in Jerez de la Frontera and end with an individual test in Santiago de Compostela. These days should both spice up the race, with the former creating an initial time difference between the respective favourites, while the latter will ensure that the general classification places will not be set in stone before the end of the race. In the middle of the three weeks, stage 10 gives the time trial specialists their best opportunities with its 35 km route.

Besides the terrain, the weather also has the ability to affect the outcome of the race. The first week in the south could see the peloton faced with stifling temperatures, while the whole route stays fairly close to the coasts, creating the potential for echelons-forming winds. Many riders will also lack familiarity with a route that features a number of new climbs - the most interesting of which are La Zubia, which will be the race's first mountain test, and La Camperona, which features some of the most brutal sustained average gradients seen this year.

Stage 1 - Team Time Trial
Saturday, 23rd August
Jerez de la Frontera - Jerez de la Frontera (13 km)

Stage 2 - Flat
Sunday, 24th August
Algeciras - San Fernando (175 km)

Stage 3 - Hills
Monday, 25th August
Cádiz - Arcos de la Frontera (189 km)

Stage 4 - Hills
Tuesday, 26th August
Mairena del Alcor - Córdoba (173 km)

Stage 5 - Flat
Wednesday, 27th August
Priego de Córdoba - Ronda (179 km)

Stage 6 - Mountains
Thursday, 28th August
Benalmádena - La Zubia (167 km)

Stage 7 - Hills
Friday, 29th August
Alhendín - Alcaudete (169 km)

Stage 8 - Flat
Saturday, 30th August
Baeza - Albacete (207 km)

Stage 9 - Mountains
Sunday, 31st August
Carboneras de Guadazaón - Aramón Valdelinares (185 km)

Rest Day
Monday, 1st September

Stage 10 - Individual Time Trial
Tuesday, 2nd September
Real Monasterio de Santa María de Veruela - Borja (37 km)

Stage 11 - Mountains
Wednesday, 3rd September
Pamplona - Santuario de San Miguel de Aralar (153 km)

Stage 12 - Flat
Thursday, 4th September
Logroño - Logroño (167 km)

Stage 13 - Hills
Friday, 5th September
Belorado - Obregón, Parque de Cabárceno (189 km)

Stage 14 - Mountains
Saturday, 6th September
Santander - La Camperona, Valle de Sábero (201 km)

Stage 15 - Mountains
Sunday, 7th September
Oviedo - Lagos de Covadonga (152 km)

Stage 16 - Mountains
Monday, 8th September
San Martín del Rey Aurelio - La Farrapona, Lago de Somiedo (161 km)

Rest Day
Tuesday, 9th September

Stage 17 - Flat
Wednesday, 10th September
Ortigueira - A Coruña (191 km)

Stage 18 - Hills
Thursday, 11th September
A Estrada - Monte Castrove, Meis (168 km)

Stage 19 - Hills
Friday, 12th September
Salvaterra do Miño - Cangas do Morrazo (190 km)

Stage 20 - Mountains
Saturday, 13th September
Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil - Puerto de Ancares (168 km)

Stage 21 - Individual Time Trial
Sunday, 14th September
Santiago de Compostela - Santiago de Compostela (10 km)

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