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International Schools for Expats in the United States Of America

Submitted: September 2013

International schools are institutions that support education and learning in an international environment, by means of following a national curriculum of their native country.

There are International schools in most major cities in the United States of America. (See link for a searchable list by varying criteria https://portal.cois.org/wcm/CIS/Directories/All_Schools/CIS/Directory/International_Schools.aspx?hkey=be10b68d-4b9c-4329-9b86-a74ee58612fb ). Teachings at these schools offer a comprehensive approach to education and learning. The academic programmes at international schools are geared towards the achievement of an International Baccalaureate.

The advantages of sending your child to an international school are numerous and should be considered particularly if your child’s pursuit is tertiary education in a certain country. One notable advantage is language learning. If the language barrier is a concern for your child, international schools are better suited to expose your child to the language. Real life immersion in the classroom, rapidly promotes language learning and development.

If you intend to send your child to an international school you should consider the type of education your child would be receiving.

You can assess the school by visiting their establishment to get a firsthand feel for the school life.

In making your decision, you should prepare yourself a line of questioning to better aid you in your process. Some of these include:

  1. What is the schools main focus? -  This should be asked with your child’s strong point and weak points in mind. Also their interest, such as sports, or art.
  2. What learning tools are used in the classroom? - Meaning what medium is used to convey lessons, board or computers.
  3. What resources are available to students? Is there library access, or internet access for research.
  4. What’s is the school’s procedure with respect to their students safety? -  How do they handle accidents or medical emergencies.
  5. By what criteria are teachers assessed and hired? - You would want to know if the teachers are qualified to teach your child in a effective manner.

Also you should consider if the school is accredited by a recognized body. One such body is the Council of International Schools (CIS) (see link https://www.cois.org). Their website  provides comprehensive details about the accredited learning institutions registered with them.

See the following links to guide you to a few examples of international schools operating in the United States

French schools - https://www.aefa-afsa.org/

Chinese schools - https://www.meihuaschool.org/

Dutch schools - https://www.dutchinamerica.com/dutch-schools-in-the-united-states

German schools - https://www.germany-usa.com/pages/resources/bilingual-schools.php



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