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Private Schools for Expats in the United States Of America

Submitted: September 2013

Private schools offer a more comprehensive approach to education, offering an integrated programme of academic studies, athletics and extracurricular activities . Private schools are fairly small and the typical private high school consists of approximately three hundred and fifty (350) students . Playing to the reality that everyone learns differently, private schools offer smaller class sizes and tailor their programmes to meet each student’s specific needs.

One option for private schooling is a religious school, which offers the same benefits of private schooling as well as faith-based education. It is not a requirement for admission that the student is a practicing member of the particular faith, but it is imperative that the student be open and respectful of the beliefs and religion of the other students. It should be noted that there are numerous private schools with no religious. Though the greater percentage (43%) of children attend a catholic private school, it should be noted that there are numerous private schools with no religious affiliation. The percentage of attendance of non religious schools is 20% and the rest is shared amongst schools affiliated with other religious faiths such as Baptist, Jewish and Lutheran.

An extension of private schooling is the option of homeschooling . By law, a child is required to an education from ages five (5) to sixteen (16). Homeschooling offers the opportunity to a more homely and comfortable atmosphere to education, while gaining the chance to mold the method of teaching to suit the child. State regulations vary and parents are required to consult the state curriculum to ensure that their children will be up to par with school educated children. The cost of homeschooling depends on factors such as subject specialty and type of instruction needed and ranges from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour or more.

The main language of instruction is American English however some private schools offer students the opportunity to learn foreign languages, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese. The environment created for these teachings often lead to sub fluent but conversational speakers of these other languages.

The cost of private education in the United States America varies considerably. Religious schools are often cheaper if the student subscribes to the faith the school support, but for those outside of that faith the cost may be more. Fortunately, for some students, there is some measure of financial help available. Roughly twenty percent (20%) of all private-school students receive some sort of financial aid. Depending on the type of private school, annual tuition ranges anywhere between just under $10,000 to around $17,000 . If you need financial aid, the school may be the best source of information, to provide information on what aid is offered by the school and other available sources outside of the school .

Each school has various criteria for admission, and will follow their own application process. Most processes entail the completion of forms regarding academic history and general interests. The main purpose of the student application is to give the school admissions board an idea of the applicant’s personality and interests, and the responses are used to determine if the applicant will be a mutually good fit for both parties. See the following for a list of private schools by state. https://allprivateschools.org/



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