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Arts and Culture for Expats in the United States Of America

Submitted: August 2013

Culture and art in the United States of America have evolved over the years as artists broke free from the old world traditions to take various cultural disciplines in new directions with impressive results. All across its many cities, the USA offers thousands of stage performances ranging from Opera to Broadway to innovative work which have captured several artistic expressions such as music, theatre and dance. In addition, there are many renowned museums and galleries which feature a wide array of talent. If you are an ardent art enthusiast, you are very likely to enjoy your assignment in the USA.

If you are interested in visual art, you would be pleased to know that the United States has some of the most sophisticated art museums in the world, and houses numerous world-famous art pieces.  From the works of Leonardo da Vinci to Roy Lichtenstein, every artistic era and medium is represented in museums throughout the USA. Some popular museums which boast high visitor counts include the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, both of which are in New York and the National Gallery of Art in DC. In addition to art museums there are many others which focus of special collections such as science, marine and military. For an overview of the museums and galleries in the USA, the American Alliance of Museum website may prove useful.

If you are interested in fine art, there are numerous fairs and festivals which are held in the USA, most of which are internationally recognised and attract crowds from across the globe. These events normally take place over several days, where gallery owners rent booths or space to showcase their gallery artists. Also, they are known to be lively with symposia and various performances while many art sales are conducted.  Some of the more popular art fairs and festivals in the USA are:

There are many other art and cultural events available in the USA. For an overview of some events of these events which are free, click here.

If you are interested in the performing arts, there are also many performing arts events throughout the country which feature theatre, dance, puppetry and the likes. Special holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas celebrations, in addition to concerts, rodeos and BBQs can also be found nationwide. For music, there are over 2,500 festivals held annually and individual artists and bands also perform frequently throughout the cities. In locating these events, the Festival Finder, the United State Association of Fringe Festivals and the County Fair Grounds websites may prove to be good starters.

Additionally, during your assignment in the USA, you may want to get a monthly copy of the magazine: ‘Art in America’. It concentrates on the contemporary art world, including profiles of artists and genres, updates about popular art movements, show reviews and event schedules. It is designed for a wide range of customers who are interested in all aspects of the art world.



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