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Entertainment, Media and Television for Expats in the United States Of America

Submitted: August 2013

The United States is renowned for its diverse and virtually abundant entertainment options. Throughout its many cities, you will find numerous things to do, see and experience catering to wide variety of tastes. Before long, you will realise you may not have enough time to do everything that is being offered. These may be classified into these common categories, while not neglecting the vast number of other activities available.


The USA offers a unique nightlife with popular cities such as Las Vegas, Miami and New York City often being regarded as some of the best places for entertainment across the globe. These areas are world renowned and feature a wide range of activities. Whether it is having a drink, gaming (gambling), clubbing, fine dining or going to the cinema, there are numerous bars (pubs), casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, and cinemas among others to cater to these desires. There are venues which cater to many tastes, for example, some clubs themes provide an atmosphere which is more suitable for adults, with others geared towards teenage and college students. There are simply too many diverse nightlife options available in the USA for them to be all covered. You would do well to consult the local tourist office of the city where you are posted.

Sightseeing and Tours

The USA hosts a vast number of tours and has many interesting attractions which you may visit. Many options are made available to you such as walking tours, road trips, cruises or helicopter rides. You can find these activities by selecting any of the popular tour guides available.

For a comprehensive list of entertaining activities available and starting costs, please refer to the following guides which may prove useful: Viator and Lonely Planet.

If you prefer social activities with those in your immediate environs, there are many available to you in the USA through various religious groups, parenting groups or community groups. These groups often host many local activities to integrate newcomers and members into their groups. You many also find groups and clubs which are dedicated to specific hubbies or activities such as reading, gardening or wine tasting. 

Television and Media

Free television in the United States is available via broadcast and unencrypted satellite service providers which use the NTSC standard. If you plan to carry your television, ensure it is compatible with this standard as only those that are will operate normally with other devices and stations in the USA.  The five major broadcast networks which air free television channels are NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and The CW. They host a wide range of programs including news, morning talk shows, sports, music, and weather, among others, which may appear in electronic TV guides under the names of local stations rather than the networks themself.  For an idea of programmes which are shown by these networks, you may visit their websites where you may access programming schedules and program overviews.

Additionally, the options of direct broadcast satellite, cable television, and IPTV (internet protocol television) are available. These services require a monthly payment, and costs vary mainly based on the Channel package chosen, as channels are usually sold in group rather than individually.  These providers transmit a lot of foreign programming, but availability usually varies based on local sub-providers. The main suppliers of Cable TV are Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon; while the main satellite networks are Direct TV and Dish. To find and compare the best cable providers near you, please click here.

The USA boasts a very developed newspaper sector with over a thousand daily publications and over, six thousand weeklies. Many newspapers are very popular in the US, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA today, all of which easily enjoys having over a million copies in circulation daily. Newspapers vary by states, with most having many different local publications. If you fancy your home newspapers, many developed newsstands have a foreign newspaper section which may have copies of foreign newspapers in their original form. For newspapers which are available in each state, including those in foreign languages, please click here.

The Radio sector of the USA is very active and has over a thousand public radio stations and even far more commercial stations on both AM and FM frequency types which are specialized to attract varying audiences. With the increasing popularity of streaming over the Internet and digital radio, it is almost certain that your home radio channels can be made accessible to you in the USA.



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Living in the United States Of America

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