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Our Team has since 1979 been gaining experience and expertise in Tax Planning and Offshore Business solutions for our international clientele. Our company was established by Mr. Evgenios Erotokritou, Barrister-at-Law, M.T London in 1979 and we have served thousands of clients since.

36 Aigyptou Street, 6030 Larnaca, Cyprus
Phone: +357 24 656 406


About E R Team Global Consultants Ltd

A vibrant team of lawyers, accountants, financiers, administrators, real estate surveyors, real estate agents, bankers etc. ready to assist you with extensive knowledge and cut edge technology and expertise to solve your tax problems and asset protection issues. To offer you of course a wide range of other legal and Corporate services.


Our Message

In recent years the planet has become a small world. International entrepreneurs have now the benefit of choosing the jurisdiction in which to set up their business. They can thus optimise their tax liabilities by implementing and applying an efficient and realistic tax plan across any tax year and thus achieve significant tax minimizations. Don`t miss this opportunity. Our firm can guide you all the way and support you to achieve your targets.


We Give This Promise To You

To afford for your benefit our top notch expertise and experience gathered in the last four decades to support your business and protect your interests. To render our top quality services, with speed and mettle to achieve you goals. We will be honest with you and our fees and charges will be transparent and mostly reasonable.


Globally Connected

We are an international network basically with associates and partners in a large number of countries to give you all the necessary legal and tax support in any country you might need it. Our associates and partners all over the world are established law offices and providers to cater to your every requirement.


Some of Our Wide Range of Services Are


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36 Aigyptou Street, 6030 Larnaca, Cyprus
Phone: +357 24 656 406


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