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Learn the Local Language and Make Life Easier...

There are so many benefits to learning the local language. Maybe you are living in a different country, maybe you are working abroad. You might be doing both.

By opening up your world and learning a language, you'll be able to...

...experience the local culture in the best possible way;

...have conversations with locals in their language and show that you care;

...meet people who you may never have met otherwise;

...make life easier when travelling and eating out;

...understand work conversations.

And it's good for you! Learning a language can improve memory, enhance creativity and strengthen your ability to problem solve.

Learn with a Neurolanguage Coach® who will support you, guide you and make the whole learning experience a brain friendly one...

Neurolanguage Coaches know how to help you connect with your inner motivation and keep you motivated throughout the learning process; encouraging you to become an independent learner and tap into your own learning resources; assisting you to achieve a potentially faster and more effective learning process.

They are certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coach Federation. They know how to connect the coaching ethics and standards, competences, models, goal and action setting as well as coaching models to the language learning process. The Network of Neurolanguage Coaches® is worldwide! No matter what language you would like to learn, we'll help you find the right coach.

Realise your potential...

Learning a language with a Neurolanguage Coach® means that your motivation to learn will be the top priority. Normally, no books are used so you won't feel like you're back at school. In fact, the Neurolanguage Coaching® method keeps "Teaching" to an absolute minimum.

Coaches adapt to your learning style and tailor the learning experience so that it matches your needs and your requirements. Find your Neurolanguage Coach® and start your language learning journey today.


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