Immigration and citizenship services are an essential part of our portfolio of services designed for sovereign individuals. Here you will find information on some of the countries where we provide immigration and citizenship services:


Uruguay is a beautiful country which offers many things to persons wishing to establish a new jurisdiction. Situated south of Brazil and across the Mar del Plata river from Argentina, it has good climate, nice beaches, hot spring baths, and good agricultural land. It is the most European of all South American countries. The crime is very low, it is a safe, clean place to live. In short it is an excellent place to retire, or to raise a family. For those who like Monaco, the city of Punta del Este is the playground for the rich. It has something to offer for everyone.


Paraguay is a country which is not discussed often when it comes to second residencies and citizenships, which is why it is an excellent jurisdiction. Many people do not even know where it is (landlocked nation in South America between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia). It is a country that is perfect for people who want a quiet, inexpensive place to live. Here you can have a nice life where the people are friendly, but at the same time they leave you alone. There is also a German influence here – many settled here after the war and have made good lives for themselves and their families.


Due to the excellent climate, Brazil is able to grow its own food and is the largest exporter of orange juice, coffee and other commodities. Plus their beef is grazed, which makes it taste better and is healthier for you. All-in-all, it is a self-sufficient country.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is recognized worldwide as the pioneer of free trade zones and has attractive incentives for foreign investors, including an expedited route to citizenship that Kevelex lawyers understand the ins and outs of. It's also a great place to live: an all year round tropical climate cooled by sea breezes, inexpensive beachfront real estate and luscious green mountains.


Described as the 'World's Best Kept Retirement Secret' by International Living magazine, Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in all the Americas. It boasts a dramatic Pacific coastline; long, gentle Caribbean beaches, volcanoes and freshwater lakes dot the hilly inland. Colonial cities like Granada and León offer visitors a taste of days gone by, while Managua, the capital, is rapidly becoming a real first-world city.


This is one of the great secrets of second nationalities. It is a place that most people do not think about but it has many advantages: One big advantage is that it is not in the European Union, which gives it more liberties for both its financial and immigration policies. Secondly, it is inexpensive compared to most of Europe. Real estate is very affordable as is food.


Yes it is possible to obtain residence followed by citizenship in the European Union without having to spend 1 - 2 million Euros on property or government bonds. This is a great option for North American and Latin American clients wishing to establish themselves in the European Union. Unfortunately this is restricted to certain nationalities: please contact us for current restrictions.

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