The OCSL Group's global network includes tax advisers, attorneys, trust groups, investment managers, private bankers, insurance experts and other professionals in order that we can deliver the optimal wealth planning solution for any client.

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Tax Efficiency Services

Together with our business partners International Tax Consultants LLC (http://www.intl-tax.com/) in the USA and Sandstone Tax (https://www.sandstone.tax/) in Great Britain, we deliver a tax efficiency service for US, UK and Irish expats that are living and/or working outside of their home countries. We can also assist residents of those three jurisdictions with tax issues too.

Professional Protector Services

Related to our trust & foundation establishment and administration services, OCSL Group also provides professional protector services through a Hong Kong company and a New Zealand company. Most professional protectors are trust experienced individuals, but we make the difference by having at least two trust experienced directors for each of our protector companies. In addition, our trust and foundation expertise is multi-jurisdictional as one of our directors has held senior-level trust business roles in 16 jurisdictions.

Investment advice & portfolio analysis

A CIL investment specialist delivers investment advice to OCSL clients. His expertise is to analyze trust investment portfolios, for investment efficiency, as this dovetails with the other trust services that OCSL delivers. We also advise on other wealth management services including insurance products and wrappers, pension products, fund investments and project funding.

Enquiries for all services should be directed to our US office.


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