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Personal trainer solutions offers affordable personal training at your convenience. Our trainers can come over to your home gym, private or public gym to conduct the trainings. Get fit today!

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About Us

PTS was founded to provide personalized health and fitness program for different individuals. Our male and female personal trainer are highly qualified, with each going through a rigorous training themselves. Apart from their commitment to train clients, they are also constantly training hard, to be the motivation of the impossible.

Types of programs we provide:

Why choose us for your Personal Training?

We are greatly motivated when we help someone achieve their fitness goals. This is through dedication in not only the physical training but in the diet planning which is crucial in achieving the fitness goal. Unlike crash diets that is difficult to sustain and short-lived, our diet plan is made to fit your lifestyle and maintain the shape in a long term. At personal trainer solutions, we match our clients with the best-fit trainer that can help you achieve your fitness goals within your budget.


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Phone: +6587510501

Personal Trainer Solutions

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