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About Us is a part-time/ casual online job portal that offers a free and user friendly platform for job seekers and employers to get connected with ease.

Apart from the popular job listing feature of the job portal, we also publish articles and resources on part-time/ flexi careers and employment to help potential job seekers meet their full potential when trying to find a new job or trying to earn extra income on the side.

Our motto is simple: Life is too short to be doing the wrong job. With this we strive continually to improve the job portal and curate quality career and employment content for job seekers.

Why use this Job Portal?

  1. A professional full featured job portal
  2. Extremely user friendly to use
  3. Best of all, employers get to post job listings for free

Types of jobs available on our portal
We have few hundred employers who list with us from all major job industries in Singapore. Examples of some jobs listed includes:

  1. Part-time Engineering Jobs
  2. Part-time Marketing Jobs
  3. Part time Accounting and Finance Jobs
  4. Temp IT Jobs in Singapore
  5. and more.

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