We know the start of a new life in Hong Kong can be challenging – we did it ourselves! – and we share our expertise by supporting many entrepreneurs coming to this fantastic country. Our company is managed by a Swiss entrepreneur who has lived in Hong Kong for 15 years, so we have an excellent understanding of your situation.

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About Us

With an entrepreneur background we speak the same language as you, and we understand your concerns about the Hong Kong entrepreneur visa process. We also understand the complexities involved in establishing a reasonable business plan, and with the experience gained from living here for so many years we can support you when preparing the Hong Kong entrepreneur visa business plan.

You can benefit from our local connections to facilitate and expedite your installation. Obtaining an entrepreneur visa in Hong Kong is a straightforward process, and we don't overplay the difficulties!

Why choose us?

Choosing to work with us, instead of doing the whole process by yourself, offers significant advantages:

Our clients find the value of our services to be beyond compare given the huge savings in time and money they have gained through our advice when moving to Hong Kong – get in touch and we can help you too!


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