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  • International Retirement Planning

    International Retirement Planning

    by Investors Offshore Editorial, June 2012

    08 June, 2012

    Survey after survey shows that ever-increasing numbers of people have active plans to leave their home countries either to work or to retire abroad. One carried out by Currency UK shortly before the May, 2010 election found that an astonishing 75% of people had considered or were considering a move abroad, and in 2012, the fifth NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index revealed that five million British expats are now living and working abroad. Year on year, therefore, the total global population of expatriates goes up by leaps and bounds, and one of their major preoccupations is of course the question of retirement provision. HSBC's Expat Explorer 2011 survey found that, despite an often uncertain economic outlook in their adopted countries, expats are still tending to feel the economic benefits of their move abroad, with 63% reporting that they have more disposable income.
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  • Barbados


    by Investors Offshore Editorial, May 2012

    25 May, 2012

    This feature focuses on the Caribbean island of Barbados. More famous for its beaches and as a destination for millions of tourists than as a location for offshore business, Barbados has nonetheless developed a well regulated financial services industry offering a surprisingly wide array of offshore products from banking to trusts to insurance. Whilst the island is not quite on a par with the higher profile offshore centres in the region, such as Bermuda or the Cayman Islands, for the investor, Barbados offers economic and political stability along with a number of tax and investment incentives, and close economic ties with the United States.
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  • House Prices: What Next?

    House Prices: What Next?

    by Investors Offshore Editorial, May 2012

    11 May, 2012

    Five years ago, as the house price boom continued in many countries across the world, we asked whether the laws of economics had been repealed. Now, we can see that they remain as true as ever. The air leaked rapidly from the global housing bubble. Beginning with the US, as has been demonstrated time and again with deflating asset bubbles, a wave of price falls spread around the world, attacking in turn each of the countries which had seen particularly aggressive house price rises.
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  • Investors Offshore Special Reports: Panama

    Investors Offshore Special Reports: Panama

    Sponsored by Gerli Wren & Co.

    20 April, 2012

    Ask most people around the world their thoughts on Panama and you would probably be met with the same one word reply: canal. However, after a small amount of further investigation you would find that this country at the gateway of Central and South America certainly isn't as one dimensional as that. Aided by stable, pro-business governments using the invaluable canal as a catalyst, Panama's friendly tax and regulation system has helped to established the country as one of the most modern and respectable business and financial centres outside the established 'onshore' countries, and ranks as probably the most important trading and business hub in the region.
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  • Personal Equity Investment In 2012 - Not Just For Expats?

    Personal Equity Investment In 2012 - Not Just For Expats?

    by Investors Offshore Editorial, April 2012

    13 April, 2012

    Under this particular heading of equity investment we will deal with direct, personal investment into publicly-quoted equities, other than through conventional stock exchanges, whether from an onshore or offshore base, and whether by an individual, or through a corporate vehicle or a trust. We will cover direct equity purchase through a dealer, spread betting, contracts for differences, and hedge funds insofar as they specialize in very directed equity investment.
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  • Jurisdiction Special Focus: Hong Kong

    Jurisdiction Special Focus: Hong Kong

    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, April 2012

    06 April, 2012

    In geographical terms, the peninsula and collection of islands in south eastern China which make up the territory of Hong Kong are a little over 400 square miles in size, but in economic terms, the former British colony, which in 1997 was handed back to greater China, packs a serious punch on the world stage and can claim to be the globe's third largest financial centre after New York and London, and the ninth largest economy in the world.
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  • Alternative Investment: Non-Financial Alternative Investments

    Alternative Investment: Non-Financial Alternative Investments

    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, March 2012

    30 March, 2012

    The ideal tax shelter traditionally turned income into capital without taxation. Such mythical beasts used to exist in no-tax offshore jurisdictions, but they were not usually to be found in high-tax countries, and when sighted were rapidly hunted down by heavily armed tax inspectors.
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  • Dubai


    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, March 2012

    23 March, 2012

    For decades to come, people will point to Dubai's 200-storey, 828-metre Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest in the world, as representing both the peak and the nadir of the city-state's adventurous grasp for regional leadership in a startling range of sectors: real estate, shipping, commodities trading, equities, Islamic finance, e-commerce, air transport and banking.
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  • Living and Working Abroad?

    Living and Working Abroad?

    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, February 2012

    24 February, 2012

    Whether you are still in the planning stages of expatriation, or have already made the move overseas, it is worth considering the benefits that offshore banking and investment could hold for you in what is, after all, a financially advantageous position. Continuing globalisation, and the increased use of electronic banking have meant that for you as an expatriate, a multitude of opportunities have opened up which would not have been available a few years ago - now the world is quite literally your oyster!
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  • Jurisdiction Special Focus: Cyprus

    Jurisdiction Special Focus: Cyprus

    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, January 2012

    27 January, 2012

    Cyprus is an independent sovereign republic in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a population of 1.1m (July 2011 est), of whom the majority are ethnically Greek, living in the southern part of the island. More than 200,000 Turkish Cypriots and Turkish immigrants live in the northern part of the island, separated from the south by a UN-supervised buffer zone. The official languages in the two zones are Greek and Turkish, but many Cypriots speak English, which is extensively used in business and commerce.
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