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  • Islamic Finance - The New Mainstream Alternative

    Islamic Finance - The New Mainstream Alternative

    by the Investors Offshore Editorial Team, August 2010

    27 August, 2010

    Although the Islamic finance sector suffered along with other investment sectors during the credit crunch of 2008 and 2009, its long-term future seems assured. Rushdi Siddiqui, Global Head of Islamic Finance at Thomson Reuters, told participants at the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENESA) Forum on ‘The Challenges Ahead for Islamic Finance’ in May that Islamic Finance is on a firm footing to become a USD2 trillion industry in the next half decade. “It took the Islamic Finance industry 40 years to become a USD1 trillion industry. It will take another two to five years to become a USD2 trillion industry,” he said.
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  • Health & Life... Worldwide - Global Insurance For Expats

    Health & Life... Worldwide - Global Insurance For Expats

    by Philip Morton, Investors Offshore, January 2010

    29 January, 2010

    Insurance is one of those things that everyone hopes they'll never need, and as a result, a frightening number choose to bury their heads in the sand, hoping that their luck will hold. However, by far the most sensible solution for those not willing to trust to fate, is to take out some form of insurance, to protect themselves and their dependants should the worst happen.
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  • Choosing Your Jurisdiction

    Choosing Your Jurisdiction

    by Caroline Maxwell and Jeremy Hetherington-Gore, January 2010

    22 January, 2010

    So you have decided that offshore is the way forward. The three most pressing concerns, then, are what type of investment you feel is right for you, where you choose to invest or bank, and how involved you are prepared to be in offshore life.
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