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Jurisdiction Special Focus: Dubai

Jurisdiction Special Focus: Dubai

by Investors Offshore editorial staff, February 2013, 01 February, 2013

For decades to come, people will point to Dubai's 200-storey, 828-metre Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest in the world, as representing both the peak and the nadir of the city-state's adventurous grasp for regional leadership in a startling range of sectors: real estate, shipping, commodities trading, equities, Islamic finance, e-commerce, air transport and banking. Read Full Article »

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Jurisdiction Special Focus: Malta

Jurisdiction Special Focus: Malta

Investors Offshore Editorial Team, December, 2012, 07 December, 2012

Malta is an independent nation, having split from the UK in 1964. The Maltese Islands are 100 km south of Sicily, with a population of 409,000; the climate is warm. Malta has a Westminster-style democracy, but has been politically fractious since independence. 15 years of post-colonial adolescent flirtation with Communism and the third world has however been succeeded by a more mature attitude. Read Full Article »

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Jurisdiction Special Focus:  Antigua and Barbuda

Jurisdiction Special Focus: Antigua and Barbuda

by the InvestorsOffshore Editorial Team, August 2012, 17 August, 2012

In common with many of its Caribbean neighbours, Antigua & Barbuda, the subject of this Investors Offshore jurisdiction focus, is a location more synonymous with the upmarket end of the tourist trade than as a place in which to invest. Whilst tourism is indeed an important part of the nation's economy, a notable offshore financial industry has in fact been developed by government over the last two decades, helped along by some generous business and personal tax incentives, the major aspects of which we will attempt to cover here. Read Full Article »

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