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International Privacy and Security for 21st Century Global Citizens

International Privacy and Security for 21st Century Global Citizens

by the InvestorsOffshore Editorial Team, August 2012, 03 August, 2012

If you are an expat living in any of the world's favourite destinations such as Malta, Cyprus, the Bahamas or Mauritius and you should ever — heaven forbid! — enter a bar, you'll quickly hear scuttlebut about people returning home to, as it may be, Canada, the UK or Moscow, dissatisfied with the exchange rate, the lack of rainfall or the medical facilities. Well, don't believe everything you hear: although the debt crisis in 2009 did have some impact and may have hurt some people who had overstretched themselves financially, survey after survey continues to show that most expats are happy where they are, and that more and more people are planning to make the move abroad. The most recent such survey, in August 2011, showed that up to 90% of expats are planning to stay just where they are — abroad! Read Full Article »

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