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17:13 Sep 24th, 2015 [11:43 Sep 24th local time]
Hey there! Just about to move to Melbourne. Pretty excited, but also a bit scared because havenât had a chance to finalize a residence. As I was going through www.nationmaster.com/n/, I found a detailed info about all the areas and the types of properties. The info seemed pretty much legit to me, but since Iâm going to a new place and that too, with the family, I donât want to leave anything to chance. I have searched on www.savills.com.au and www.homepriceguide.com.au as well, but things are cluttered there. At this moment of time, I just want to see the information that matters to me the most. Coming alone is OK as I can manage things on my own, but with family, things get a whole lot different. With small kids in the house, their safety and education is the top priority, so I donât want to select a property that has an unwelcome neighbourhood.
I want a decent house with a friendly neighbourhood. I have also checked that there are some paid sites as well, which provide reports. I donât know what difference they have in their reports because it is all about the statistics for that matter. I donât want to pay $50 bucks for a report when sites are offering it for free. The site www.nationmaster.com/n/ has covered all the stats, so if a couple of individuals back me on the info mentioned on the website, then I would buy a property without any further ado. If there is any other website with a better info, then please let me know.

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18:40 Sep 28th, 2016 [01:40 Sep 29th local time]
I found a good link for you a 13000moveu. Also, they offer some other services that will help you for moving to Melbourne.

happy moving!

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