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Who has visited Uluru?

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16:08 Sep 4th, 2013 [15:08 Sep 4th local time]
I'm wanting to visit Uluru (from Brisbane) and am weighing up my options. Ideally, I'd like to drive so that I can see lots of outback spots on the way, but I am aware that it will take me a long time.

Does anyone have any experiences they can relay to me? Has anyone else done the same drive, or would most people lean towards flying there?

Brad Freeman
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10:56 Sep 10th, 2013 [09:56 Sep 10th local time]
Hey Abbi!

I think driving would be good fun! Just making sure to take lots of kit with you, blankets, food and drink, torches etc, just in case you get a bit stuck some where. It's a long old drive. I would say lots of planning on where to stay, how long it will take to get there, fuel stops, food stops, and you will be good to go!

You will see some awesome sights and if you take a friend, ROAD TRIP!

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11:42 Sep 18th, 2013 [10:42 Sep 18th local time]
Hi Abbi,

I've done the trip myself, but I chose to fly there. The drive would be really arduous and would take a good few days each way. If you chose the plane instead, you might buy yourself a bit of time to visit somewhere else too - like Darwin or Cairns.

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