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14:33 Sep 3rd, 2013 [13:33 Sep 3rd local time]
Hi peeps,

I'm in Goa at the moment, but am looking to travel a bit more (around India). Does anyone have recommendations for good places to go scuba diving? I have plenty of experience - I just need equipment to hire and nice aquatic views.

Thanks in advance for any tips,


Marcel Hebbelinck
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15:42 Sep 4th, 2013 [14:42 Sep 4th local time]
I spent some time in the Andaman Islands and found it to have the best scuba diving I've experienced. They're some way out into the Bay of Bengal so it would be a bit of a travel to get there - but well worth it.

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10:54 Apr 24th, 2017 [08:54 Apr 24th local time]
Go to Lakshwadweep .. Amazing corals

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