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School / preschool for 5 and 3 year old

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21:54 Sep 18th, 2017 [18:54 Sep 18th local time]
Hi everyone or anyone:),

We are not exactly expats but want to still have a family experience of "living for a while" in NZ. In order to keep it simple and not to apply for a Visa we would be there for only 3 months, but for the time we want to send our kids 3 and a half year boy and 5 (almost 6) girl to school / or some daily care where they can practice english. They both understand like 80%, as I talk with them, but need to practice speaking, as they did not yet have the motivation or need to speak it, I hope within 3 weeks she will speak quiet well as she has it in there.

Since NZ kids start I read at 5 or latest by 6, I am not sure whether it is even possible to arrange for the older girl a private pre-school for the 3 months?

Any experience advice / thoughts or connections on who to ask will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for anything!


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