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Pre-Brexit negotiations

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13:08 Feb 19th, 2017 [12:08 Feb 19th local time]
Hi everyone,
As expats living in the UK we would ask you to join us in putting pressure on the UK goverment about our rights. Remember that when a decision is taken for us in British expats in the EU also the decision will be taken about the futures of EU citizens living in the UK, therefore please help us by signing the petition below to keep up the pressure on the UK government as it's impossible to plan ahead with such uncertainity. Thx for your help.
Iâve made a petition â please will you sign it?
Click this link to sign the petition:
My petition:
Form a British Expat Committee to defend Expats rights in pre-Brexit negotiation
This Committee is to consist of representatives from Spain, Ireland, Germany, France and Italy to cover the diverse social demographics of the 5 main countries. It will contend issues raised during the Brexit debate prior to negotiations which adversely affect the rights and welfare of Expats.
Of critical importance is that Government decisions concerning Expats be negotiated with Brussels after having consulted with the committee. Currently the anxieties and opinions of ordinary Expats are not being sought on issues directly affecting them and their futures. Government decision-makers will not be affected by outcomes which have an impact on Expatsâ rights, healthcare and the benefits they enjoy. The futures of Expats must not be regarded as bargaining chips.
Click this link to sign the petition:

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17:51 May 31st, 2017 [15:51 May 31st local time]
I have another doubt about this, and I haven't (yet) read anything relevant on the subject.

If now with the brexit, the UK citizens want to travel to United States, we will have to apply for an ESTA visa like the rest of the 38 countries of the Visa Waiver program, or for the brexit and the new tougher laws trump is implementing, we will have to process a conventional visa?

I want to travel to California next year and I do not know very well what I will have to do. I read dome information, but i don't know if it's true.. www.estavisaus.org/news/what-effect-will-brexit-have-on-esta-and-the-vwp

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