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11:05 Jul 23rd, 2013 [10:05 Jul 23rd local time]
I'm a US resident seeking to terminate my residence in the next coupe of years - thinking of moving to sunnier shores. Anyone got any recommendations (young, free and single and moderately independently wealthy, if it helps!) Also, how long will my association (for tax purposes) with the US last? Please tell me not forever...!

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09:48 Jul 30th, 2013 [08:48 Jul 30th local time]
Your liability to pay tax to the US government lasts as long as you remain a US citizen. Almost all other countries tax only residents. If you acquire another citizenship and renounce US citizenship (which is difficult, because the US govt doesn't like losing a source of money, but possible), you will find it harder to enter the USA as a visitor. Therefore, I would suggest you live outside the US for several years before taking this step, to make sure you are comfortable cutting yourself off completely from the US.

Marcel Hebbelinck
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10:17 Aug 1st, 2013 [09:17 Aug 1st local time]
Hi Rick, I can recommend a US based organisation that informs people like you about the issue you have questions about. Their website is www.sovereignsociety.com You can subscribe on-line to their daily A-letter which is free. This daily information informs about many tax/freedom/investment/dual nationality issues. Good luck.

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16:56 Aug 5th, 2013 [15:56 Aug 5th local time]
If your a US citizen - till you renounce or die. As long as you hold a US passport you are considered a slave to be taxed to death by Washington. I am in the same boat but live abroad already for 19 years. Now I have to either drop US citizenship or have my money go underground - literally.

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